I need some "tutoring" on mission making!

  1. 7 months ago

    Hey guys so here goes. I'm working on starting an infantry unit, we've got a great base and and good solid group of people to start with. I'm looking for the classic ArmA 2 ACE Insurgency. I downloaded the ALiVE insurgency template (http://alivemod.com/missions ), but when moving this mission to Lythium the intel spawns are EVERYWHERE! I really need help restricting an area for the caches and intel drop to spawn (IE the SE quadrant) or if someone can help me make the mission from scratch I would really really appreciate it!

    Thanks guys

  2. Don’t bother with Lythium. The map has some issues which will very likely harm your enjoyment of ALiVE insurgency. I don’t mind helping out if you have any specific questions.

    Personally I’d also ignore whatever mission you linked to above (it’s likely extremely old and needs an update). If I was you I’d read through the wiki and make your own. That or feel free to use any of mine as a template to learn from (though beware I use a lot of mods). This is a pretty good example of a long term persistent insurgency for loners or small groups on a map that works well:


    Feel free to edit it to your own needs (mission PBO is linked on the page) or even just unpack it to see how I set stuff up so you can make your own.

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    You have no idea how badly I would LOVE to use another map, but everyone else in the group is dead set on using it no matter how many times I tell them it doesn't work well with ALiVE. I've seen that mission before making this thread and would love to play it, but trying to make everyone switch off of Lythium is a pain in my rear.

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    Then I’d skip the whole Asymmetric Commander Insurgency thing if you need to use Lythium. Just make a Occupation vs Occupation of vs invasion or whatever regular assault mission instead.

    The main problem with Lythium is it doesn’t work well with Insurgency mode.


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