FOB setup as mission progresses?

  1. 10 months ago
    Edited 10 months ago by DrDetroit

    I've made a nice alive insurgency/occupation campaign on Altis (vanilla factions), that is progressing very well.

    Question is, as my troops move west there are FOBs we clear of opfor. How would I setup a usable and functioning FOB, whereby I can spawn at when I jump into the server, have transport helos, and troops, stationed there? Basically a 2nd HQ I can use during campaign progression.

    Currently my troops sometimes 'holds' the bases, sometimes not. However, when I load up a new session, seems my guys are not at the 'FOB' and I have to retake it. This would be areas where 'objective' is set in the mil placement modules, as opposed to 'place units'. So my troops are moving and capturing these bases in opfor TAOR. Persistence saving is enabled in all modules except C2ISTAR.

    Thanks in advance,


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