AI Opcom seems to always know my teams location

  1. 7 months ago

    I want my group to spawn or arrive by sub stealthly at night into enemy territory and attempt to navigate our way around any enemy patrols to arrive at an objective for the purpose of directing airstrikes. The issue I have is once in enemy territory with no known enemies around, enemy groups from distant bases somehow know where I am at and immediately send groups directly to my location. Enemy faction has no nvgs or ISR assets so I cant figure out why this is happening. The result is that I never progress more than a few minutes into the mission before I am pursued and in combat by the enemy. The enemy is in "occupation" control status in the ALiVE Opcom module.

  2. I do have a theory for how this might happen, but have you confirmed that groups are being tasked directly to your locations using debug on the profile system module?

  3. Thanks for the reply. I think I figured it out. It seemed to be a conflict with either ASI R or CF BAI. After uninstalling them seems to be working fine.


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