Alternative ML spawning / decreasing amount of reinforcements

  1. 6 months ago

    Hello guys!

    I really have a last big issue that leaves my ALiVE Mission unplayable. I am not able to have a decent Military Logistics system running.
    The main problem is that there are wayyyy to many reinforcement units delivered. There are about 7-10 helicopters spawning and dangling over the insertion zone. What happens is that they crash and stick in the air - get shot down or drop infantry out of slingloaded vehicles. It is a total chaos.

    Two options that may help me here:

    1. Decrease amount of reinforcements spawned
    Can I somehow set the amount of reinforcements spawned per insertion? I would like to stick with max. of three choppers. Because the amount of troops delivered are way too many for those single objectives they are applied to anyway. And the chance of crashing and stalling will be decreased. Mybe there is an option to set a timeout between each of the 3 helicopters? To decrease chance of crashes even more.

    2. Spawn at ML Module position and move on foot
    Can I use the ML module just as spawn position for new units - but as they spawn they should just move like other attacking units would move over the map?

    Please help me on that issue it really drives me nuts.

    PS: I have no mods activated. Only ALiVE

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    I'm wondering why you have so many spawning in the first place to take an objective. Probably an improper module setup and maybe lacking appropriate TAOR?

    What I do is setup, for example, a mil obj. module set to 'placed units'. This will place your units within your BLUFOR sites/HQ and your BLUFOR TAOR.

    Then add another mil obj. module, set to 'objective only', with appropriate types of objectives set in this module, within the OPFOR TAOR. This will tell your 'placed units', which you set in the first mil obj. module described above, to move to take these assigned mil objectives.

    Otherwise, if you have no placed units, you have a million helos trying to place units, which give you the nightmare scenario you described. The way I describe, you already have a contingent of troops, within the friendly zone(s), that are ready to move and take objectives, instead of needing the tons of logistic helos cramming the skies trying to populate with your set troop strength.

    You will still get helo insertions, but they will reinforce the units killed. This is much more manageable way to get things going.

    Good day!

  3. Hey Buddy,

    Actually I have place units with all of my placement modules. The reinforcement issue occurs when i.e. one side is attacking an AO. The attacking side kinda pumps reinforcements into the target to conquer it


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