AI skill questions

  1. 4 months ago

    Since i've sorted out other things for my mission(s). I was wondering without using any other AI mod other then Alive, Does the Alive AI module need to be used to change the level of skills of the AI. On that note does it have to be synced to the virtual AI system module?

    Other question, with Zeus , there is the ACE global AI skill, when using Alive can the Zeus change the skill level of the AI using that or will it only be affected in the creation of the mission in the Editor to have the module set to a specific skill level?

    As of right now doing some tests to the mission before launching it for my unit i have noticed the AI spotting very easily and no scoping with AK's at 300+m before you can even react to contact. I tried to use the ACE AI GLobal skill level module, and i dunno if there was any difference. It's hard to see if it made any sort of difference to the AI.

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    As far as I’m aware, ALiVE’s AI module is basically just a difficulty modifier. So example, you could have a mission where the insurgents are basically at “regular” skill, with their opponents, the conventional military, up one and more skillful from there.

    It’s not really designed to handle low level AI stuff. If that’s what you’re looking for I’d skip the ALiVE module and try something else.

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    Nah, i just wanna reduce their "aimbot" cause a few times when testing they were able to one tap me at 500M with an iron sighted Ak. im just trying to find a nice balance, more frantic but not instant kill unit members.


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