When testing mission in editor The mission wont load

  1. 3 months ago

    As it says in the title my Insurgency mission won't load and this has been a recent problem as it was working a couple of days ago.
    i have managed to narrow it down to something to do with when i change the commander to asymmetric.

    What seems to happen is i will start loading the missions and get past the briefing stage then for a couple of seconds i will spawn in with my unit on the ground but then the loading screen appears and won't go away.

    i have tried making multiple missions from scratch and on different maps and the same problems persist but if i make a mission using the invasion and occupation commanders alone it works fine.

    Can anyone help me resolve this issue please

  2. Weird! Sorry we missed this thread. Hey, does this happen if you only use ALiVE and CBA and disable other mods? If so, can you post the mission here?


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