Need help

  1. 4 years ago

    Three questions

    1. Is there a way to use custom flags, for custom factions?
    2. How can I save an existing custom faction, and then load it up again, for further changes?
    3. I seem to get a error when I try to start the game, after I have exported a faction, and try to install it as a mod... It says something about "a" being encountered instead of "{", even with a unaltered faction…… Afterwards, I got the exit code: " 0x0000DEAD -". Any ideas on how I can fix that?
  2. 1. You'll have to manually set the custom flag in the generated output.. once it's in the game you'll be able to see it in the ingame gui.

    2. Just generate the output and save as a mod as normal, then load it back up and resume editing whenever.

    3. You probably have a space in one of your unit config names. You can check and fix this manually for now, next update will prevent you from doing this in the future.


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