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    Wed Oct 16 23:16:53 2019
    A Anaximandross posted in Is Mogadishu indexed? (SOLVED).

    Well, I'm sad to hear that, but totally understand! Thanks for the update

  2. Mon Oct 14 21:29:04 2019
    A Anaximandross posted in Is Mogadishu indexed? (SOLVED).

    So am I allowed to ask what comes next for ALiVE? Is the team in EOL mode now and just fixing bugs, or are new features still being added?

  3. Mon Oct 14 21:28:27 2019
    A Anaximandross posted in Is Mogadishu indexed? (SOLVED).

    Oh cool! I look forward to getting to play it.

  4. Fri Oct 11 18:05:23 2019
    A Anaximandross posted in Is Mogadishu indexed? (SOLVED).

    Hello, was Mogadishu ever properly indexed during any recent updates?

    @marceldev89 that reminds me, let's see if we can fix that for next release. :)

  5. 7 months ago
    Thu May 23 23:00:44 2019

    Thanks for the response! I really appreciate it!

    I also have another question, but it may be for another thread if needed. I ALWAYS have an issue where the reinforcing helicopters tend to pile up around my base, and they inadvertently wind up crashing into each other, and its an absolute disaster. Is there a way to avoid this?

  6. Thu May 23 20:09:43 2019
    A Anaximandross started the conversation Several questions regarding TAOR and military placements.

    I've been using this mod for 3-4+ years, and I'm still not totally clear on how these two things work. I've read through the wiki articles a dozen or more times, and while I can get a working product, I'm still not entirely sure how these things work. For instance, I just opened up one of AuburnAlum's missions, and some of his mission placements had no TAOR defined, and some did. To narrow things down, here are a few of my questions (when I refer to TAOR, I'm referring to the marker that I have placed, sized, and appropriately named):

    1.)What affect does having a TAOR defined have on the AI behavior?
    2.)On a map like Takistan for instance, if I'm doing a map wide insurgency, is it better to have individual TAOR's on every settlement, one large TAOR covering the entire map, or no TAOR's, but a lot of civilian placements? Or would one Military Placement (Civilian) be enough to cover the whole map, if there is no TAOR defined?
    3.)I understand that the Objective Size filter (ignore tiny objectives, ignore small, etc) filters out building sizes to prevent units spawning (at least I think it does), but what do the other two filters do (objective size and objective priority)? And what impact does each option have on the mission/related area?

    Sorry for the length of this post. As stated above, I've done a ton of googling and the read Wiki so many times, but I haven't found sufficient answers to these questions. Thanks in advance!

  7. Thu May 23 18:00:51 2019
    A Anaximandross posted in Is Mogadishu indexed? (SOLVED).

    That would be awesome! I look forward to that. Keep the great work!

  8. Thu May 23 01:22:59 2019
    A Anaximandross posted in Is Mogadishu indexed? (SOLVED).

    Yes, it uses MGB buildings. Is there a way to account for that (or anything I can do to help)?

    So even if I use custom placements, the asymmetric still won't work?

    Thanks for your quick response.

  9. Thu May 23 01:17:46 2019
    A Anaximandross started the conversation Is Mogadishu indexed? (SOLVED).

    I'm working on a mission on Mogadishu, but I seem to be running into issues with the Civilian placements not finding locations. Is this map properly indexed? I searched through the forum and found a few topics, but I saw they're form 2017. I also saw that it is listed on the Wiki as being indexed, but again, its not working.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. 8 months ago
    Sun Apr 21 22:13:33 2019
    A Anaximandross started the conversation Can helicopter reinforcements be disabled?.

    Is there a way to disable helicopter reinforcements? They're causing some huge performance issues for me.

    I also keep having an issue with the helicopters for Player Combat Support taking off randomly for no apparent reason. I do use VCOM AI, but I added this code to disable VCOM:

    [{{Driver _x setvariable ["NOAI",true];} foreach (vehicles select {_x isKindOf 'air'});}, 1, []] call CBA_fnc_addPerFrameHandler;
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