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  1. 4 months ago
    Tue Jul 17 03:59:42 2018

    Well i only tested the mission once. It could have been a glitch but i don't have enough evidence to confirm that

  2. Tue Jul 17 02:17:39 2018
    Shizzak started the conversation Alive Update Combat Too Slow.

    after banging my head at the wall on this new update i only see 2 units move during an invasion. So I thought let me revert back to the April Update. Spawned into the same mission. instead of 2 units moving i see 10 like i used to 2 weeks ago. Is this a bug in the new alive version?

  3. Tue Jul 17 01:49:00 2018
    Shizzak started the conversation Lythium Insurgency Slight Hiccup.

    Now i normally enable ghosting and teleporting for debugging. Now i havent messed with the insurgency mode for a couple years. Apparently suicide bombers know where i am when i have those admin modes on. I was reading an article and i just hear beeps. Go back to my game and civ blows right up and kills me. What the fuck? Scared the hell out of me

  4. Fri Jul 13 04:26:04 2018
    Shizzak posted in Favorite Map for ALiVE?.

    Lythium recently has been amazing for me. I like remaking superpower missions. Was working on a recreation of the Syrian War for about a week now. Only issue i had to work around with is manually place air assets and sync it with the virtual ai spawner. CAS works and everything. Especially with vcom

  5. 7 months ago
    Sun Apr 1 01:08:08 2018
    Shizzak posted in Virtual AI Spawner Issue.

    thanks @Djevzi

  6. Sat Mar 31 21:52:24 2018
    Shizzak posted in Virtual AI Spawner Issue.

    you beet me to it Djevzi. That is exactly the issue im having. Motorized infantry will move but not mechanized or armored. unless i manually move there waypoint in zeus. I do remember that this wasnt an issue in one of the previous releases. Im testing different releases to find which one worked

  7. Fri Mar 30 03:57:59 2018
    Shizzak posted in Virtual AI Spawner Issue.

    not sure how i would do that

  8. Fri Mar 30 01:46:15 2018
    Shizzak posted in Virtual AI Spawner Issue.

    my workaround is limit the amount of troops spawned to 100 and set the distance of spawning to infinite so my game can still be reasonably playable. As long as they are in real space and they get an order they will move

  9. Fri Mar 30 01:31:51 2018
    Shizzak posted in Virtual AI Spawner Issue.

    here's an update. with only alive and cba. I get same results. Motorized troops will move when spawning into real space but mech and armored troops do not. Its not vcom

  10. Thu Mar 29 02:29:48 2018
    Shizzak posted in Virtual AI Spawner Issue.

    vehicles move when they move to real space with just those mods above. will try with vcom loaded. funny thing is i never had issues with vcom could be the 2.94. If i can find the 2.91 I will try it

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