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    Fri Jan 12 16:13:05 2018
    I Imbazil posted in Prei Khmaoch Luong index.

    Awesome! hopefully at least the bunkers in the various bases count as "enterable" so I can ensure there will be some properly entrenced enemies as well =)

    I also noticed that 2 large military bases to the east, and a few small "base"-ish areas ( one to the south west and one in the center) don't get picked up at all by the milobj-module so feel free to add that to the list. (using custom in the meantime)

    Thanks again for the hard work!

  2. Fri Jan 12 15:37:44 2018
    I Imbazil posted in Prei Khmaoch Luong index.

    @HeroesandvillainsOS Thank you for making the index and showing me this truly stunning map! I noticed however that the CQB module only seem to detect houses in the south west part of the map, and no strategic points at all. Is this an issue with the map itself or the index?

  3. Wed Jan 10 20:29:55 2018
    I Imbazil posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    ah, yes those work from what I can see. The issue for me is that i'd like to make my own so I can decide more in detail what to spawn and mostly reduce the size of the groups. (it's a smaller coop mission)

    if I place groups manually for the commander would those exact groups be the ones that respawn? or would it just take a random inf / mech / armor unit from the defined list and replace my manually placed group?

    edit: managed to "fix" it by typing the description.ext file manually, still no idea why there are so many issues with orbat + alive but since other mods work fine I guess this is something the unsung team must fix from their end.

  4. Tue Jan 9 20:59:03 2018
    I Imbazil posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    I just tried to create the Unsung faction but when I click on Unsung_E in the orbat editor, then go to unit editor and load from config the game freeze and I usually have to restart the pc.

    I guess this is a issue from unsung? does anyone have a working faction for them already made? (I tried some "fixes" from the workshop but they all gave other errors instead.)

  5. Tue Jan 9 20:17:13 2018

    ok, thanks. I'll just disable them for the time being =)

  6. Tue Jan 9 11:43:50 2018

    @JD_Wang Do you know if it is possible to changed the static weapons used by the CQB module the same way? Had a look through ALiVE.OS/addons/main/static/ on github but nothing stood out to me there. Would love to add some weapons from Unsung and Faces of War.

    I have actually not tried those yet so maybe they are supported already, but when I used some talibans from CUP they got the default "futuristic" static weapons from vanilla blu/op-for.

  7. Mon Jan 8 12:47:38 2018
    I Imbazil posted in Restricting Faction from Area.

    I don't know if there is a way to add a blacklist mid mission, if there is that would probably be the easiest and someone will surely tell you here.

    If it's not possible you could maybe accomplish the same thing this way (not tested):

    • make several objective modules with the different blacklist markers you need for the missions. So you have one with the config for when side mission 1 is active and so on.
    • Then sync each objective module to it's own unique version of a "Military AI Commander" module.
    • By using triggers synced to the commanders you can choose which one should currently be active.

    again, not sure if this even works but give it a try =) It may also be possible to use one commander instance and re-sync that one by script to the new objective module. but I have no clue how the communication between the modules are handled under the hood so that might not work.

  8. Mon Jan 8 11:38:41 2018

    I wonder this as well, and to slightly expand on this question is it also possible to set the static weapons spawned by the CQB module? so you can keep the mission in a vietnam, ww2 or whatever theme.

  9. Sun Jan 7 20:11:22 2018
    I Imbazil posted in civ pop active limiter.

    so is there a bug with the active limiter if I go over the limit with more then 100 civs like here? or does it work on a timer and only remove the overflow at specific intervals?

  10. Sun Jan 7 16:52:55 2018
    I Imbazil posted in civ pop active limiter.

    I think the civilians spawn fine, just that I had issues finding them. when debugging the civ-modules the entire city gets covered by green dots so that should not be an issue.

    what I was trying to get at is that they don't seem to despawn if I move away from them, which I thought would happen if I hit the "active limiter" number and move out of the spawn radius. but maybe I missed the purpose of that function competely.

    Also, another question. would the cqb module work with civilians. as in can players interact with them and do they count towards "insurgency-shenannigans"? I'm guessing not, but thought I'd ask.

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