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    Tue Jun 21 17:50:50 2016
    G GhostNI posted in Damn those Zombies and Demons.

    If your zombies are standing still you can use the roaming module that comes with zombies.
    So do they work with the CQB module also?

  2. Mon May 16 08:21:51 2016
    G GhostNI posted in RHS Independant force.

    Config viewer and double click the following options, CFGgroups - side (west,east,ind etc) - faction - groups will be listed.
    Click on the group you want and copy classname :)

  3. Mon May 16 08:15:27 2016
    G GhostNI posted in RHS Independant force.

    You can blacklist groups if you wish if they are too large for insurgency type missions.
    ["Groupclassname","anothergroup"];" in the init box of alive required module. I used this to blacklist the 8 and 10 man caf_ag taliban.

    I've noticed it will not spawn another available group if one of the backlisted groups were chosen to spawn so you might end up with less groups overall in your mission so you can compensate if you wish i suppose.

  4. Fri May 13 10:01:08 2016
    G GhostNI posted in CUP Factions?.

    For faction names go to config viewer - CfgGroups then double click the side (west, east ect) and all the available factions are there.

  5. Wed May 11 11:59:43 2016
    G GhostNI posted in The Fighting Season (Kunduz).

    I use caf simply because they come in 4,6,8 and 10 man groups which in turn is easier to blacklist the 2 larger groups. I always hated seeing 8+ sized groups of taliban who are supposed to be fighting from the shadows blending in. Also they have more civ clothing which makes it a little harder to identify as enemy.
    And as pointed out i have alot more friendly factions available to me through leights to keep the bigger towns defended a little so the insurgency doesnt get out of control :)

  6. Tue May 10 15:46:21 2016
    G GhostNI posted in The Fighting Season (Kunduz).

    I want to add call to prayer script and Davidoss's script that deletes tables etc when you destroy a factory eventually.

  7. Tue May 10 15:34:47 2016
    G GhostNI started the conversation The Fighting Season (Kunduz).

    Here is a mission I created you can try if you like.

    The Fighting Season is apon us...
    USMC have been deployed to Kunduz to assist Afghan National Army in pushing back the returning Taliban militia. Hearts and minds will win the day so make sure to question and search all fighting aged males while still being thoughtful to their posessions and families etc. Look out for Taliban IEDs, suicide bombers, ied factories, recruitment HQs etc.

    2 types of IED in mission....

    • Random EODS placed RCIEDs/VBIEDS with civ triggermen, random junk and are all roadside.
    • Random ieds from a script to simulate pressure plates and are using 3d models from EODS so all will be detected by EODS detectors. All inland in tree lines, poppy fields etc so watch your step :)
    • Diffuse IEDS as a very last resort. Counter det is always best. The IED tech needs to have an ace diffuse kit for the random scripted ieds but even then he has 70% max chance of diffusal so be warned. These are triggered by moving to fast too close to them.
    • When patroling through wooded or overgrown areas its prob best to have your IED Tech out front scanning :)


    Pretty big mod list needed :) All the latest versions....

    EODS_Release (New version on from Burnes15th)
    Leights Opfor
    CAF_Aggressors + RHS weapon replacement config
    Spyder Addons
    RDS Civ vehicle pack
    RHS (Both)
    Taskforce Radio

    • All Intel, cas and transports are done on the commander tablet only.
    • Basic medical settings are active and set so only the medic can inject epi.
    • If medic goes down call in Angel 1 medvac (ace med vehicle) and everyone can inject epi in the vehicle to get medic back up.
    • 800sec revive timer to give you a chance :) (for some reason I have been getting instant killed lately so if anyone figures out why please let me know so I can amend mission)
    • AI will also be alerted by your ingame Taskforce radio voice if in range.
    • Persistence enabled.
    • Ive blacklisted the 8 and 10 man groups for the taliban so let me know if u see any funny business.

    Let me know what you think.

  8. Tue May 10 01:11:47 2016
    G GhostNI posted in Suicide bombers and Fastroping.

    Regarding the "Alive_Allah" sound file that is still in the mod :)
    How would i go about using that for the suicide bombers instead of "Alive_Beep" or better still have a mixture of both.

  9. Tue May 10 01:05:01 2016
    G GhostNI posted in Suicide bombers and Fastroping.

    @JD_Wang @GhostNI how are you finding the EODS mod?

    I was thinking of testing it out in my next mission but as far as I know it still lacks blacklist markers for the random spawning and I'm not a huge fan of random IED's in my FOB.

    I remember watching one of Burn's missions with his group and they had tripwire IED's across doorways and I'm pretty sure all their IED's were ACE interactable. I'd like to achieve something similar, but I'm beginning to think they had a zeus placing the doorway tripwire IED's

    I like eods, it is running fine. For now i need to use a custom fob off the roads just to stop an ied spawning in there lol. In regards to the tripwires etc u can put in a number in the mines part of the random module and it will spawn vanilla mines etc, all of which are ace interactable.
    Love it when i notice sn ied too late and then you hear the cellphone ringtone. Awh FUCK!!!

  10. Tue May 10 01:00:33 2016
    G GhostNI posted in Suicide bombers and Fastroping.

    With regatds to fast roping i managed to get the transport module helo to give me the options to prepare fries and deploy ropes etc. My guy falls of the rope though if anything over 10 meters.
    In code section of transport module....
    "this call ace_fastroping_fnc_equipFRIES;"

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