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    Tue May 29 19:51:17 2018
    E Eaglestrike999 started the conversation Server Save and Exit Hangs.

    Hi all, having trouble with the manual Server Save and Exit feature with our current ALiVE.

    We are saving locally and everything is marked as persistent, however when we try to save and exit, the command tablet comes up as normal, but hangs on the first two lines. I've left it for around an hour and nothing changes. I eventually hit escape (to close the saving console) and ran a Server Exit. Despite this, when we next launched the mission, everything resumed as if the server save had been successful.

    Here's the server RPT with data debug enabled. Am I missing anything here? Just worried I have no way of seeing whether the server save has completed without the visual cue on-screen and forced exit.

    P.S. Any glaringly obvious errors you can see in the debug that I can fix would be appreciated as well! (I think there's one around Headless Client although our HC connects into its slot fine.)


  2. 3 years ago
    Thu Nov 26 00:16:07 2015

    Just tested it, works perfectly, seems the []'s was the problem, will update the title with the fix.

    Thanks for your help mate.

  3. Wed Nov 18 18:39:08 2015

    The mission starts from scratch in the sense that whenever I launch it and move vehicles, objects (with R3F and yes we do have the R3F fix in the mission file), and obviously players, do a Server Save and Exit, when we restart, everything is back to how it was as if the mission has started from scratch, meaning the vehicles, objects and players have reset back to the mission default and aren't where we left them before the Server Save and Exit.

    I can confirm my respawnOnStart is set to -1.

    The logs I gave you there are from a session where we load from a saved state unless there is a specific way to have a server load a saved state? The way we have been testing for persistence is launching the mission file, moving vehicles, objects and players around, then doing a Server Save and Exit and shutting the server down once this is complete. We then re-launch the server and same mission file, and it is just the same as when we first launched it, with the vehicles, objects and players positions (as well as other things such as time, enemies etc) not being persistent.

  4. Mon Nov 16 13:30:44 2015

    Which is why im so baffled. The mission starts fine, connects to the war room fine, Server Save and Exit works, but then when we shut down the server and restart it, the mission starts from scratch with no persistence and connects to the war room and does everything i mentioned before. It's only when we restart the server that persistence resets.

  5. Sun Nov 15 15:34:25 2015
    E Eaglestrike999 started the conversation [SOLVED] ALiVE Persistence not working with [] FIXED.

    Just tested it, works perfectly, seems the []'s was the problem, will update the title with the fix.

    Hi all,

    First off, can you do a full wipe of our 40 Commando RM group, we have removed all the users and if you could just delete it completely so we can make a new group that would be great, we have a feeling the group is what is preventing persistence from working although we don't really have a clue at this stage.

    Secondly as I said in the title, we haven't had persistence working on our new deployment for awhile now, we have tried everything we can think of and I'll list everything we have tried/checked below as well as our logs and RPT's, but if you can help us out it would be much appreciated.

    Ok so things we have tried/checked:
    • Batch files are running @Alive and @AliveServer with no typo's.
    • Unblocked the ALiVE Config file.
    • Ensured @AliveServer is fully up-to-date.
    • Checked and re-checked that all the modules have the correct settings (i.e Persistence YES), and that they are all placed down:
    Alive Data, Alive Player Options, Alive Virtual AI System, and all other modules have Persistence on YES.
    • Checked the information on the ALiVE War Room group is correct and up-to-date.

    Here's our RPT's and logs:
    Mission Running (With ALL MODS)

    Alive CFG:
    Didn't generate.

    Alive Server Plugin:

    If needed I can provide you with all of the above for the mission running just the map, alive and alive server, just didn't have the time when writing this post up. Seriously hoping it's not going to be a stupid mistake after all this effort gone into checking it :P

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