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    Sun Feb 18 11:11:33 2018
    S sn34ky started the conversation Is War Room really ending?.

    I had some problems connecting to the db and read in a thread here that War Room would be closing this month. There should be an announcement but I can't find any.

    So what's going on? Is it really happening?

    If so, is there something that can be done to keep it running?

  2. 3 years ago
    Tue Sep 13 13:48:00 2016

    Any news from @Tupolov ?

  3. Fri Sep 9 08:31:33 2016

    Are you sure that the server uses that IP to connect to Warroom? Some have more IP addresses for incoming traffic but use another for outgoing. Your provider could have some answers. They can give you the hostname also.

    And you have a VPN to your server? I saw you logged in with an internal IP address (192.168.x.x).

  4. Thu Sep 8 15:37:38 2016

    I believe I've read somewhere that alive.cfg can be in root indeed.

    Can you post the latest .rpt?

  5. Thu Sep 8 04:43:16 2016

    Hi, I just wanted to suggest using something like URLEncoding/Decoding to fix the problems with persistence.

    In another post I read about a group using spacing but only the first word came through in the logs.
    If you URLEncode "Cool Group Name" it would be sent like: "Cool%20Group%20Name" in one string.

    I've had the same problem with an app/plugin I build long ago. You can PM me if needed.

  6. Thu Sep 8 04:32:43 2016

    Thanks for the update.

  7. Thu Sep 8 04:30:17 2016

    Not sure if the hostname is required to work. An IP address should suffice. Ski2060 got it working without.
    In windows you can open a command prompt and type: "ipconfig /all" (without quotes)

    But you say you can only get it's IP and edit the server.cfg...
    Do you rent a dedicated server/vps or are you only renting an Arma 3 server where you do everything through a browser?

    If it's the last, I suppose you have no way to place your alive.cfg in the correct location.

    The error you had said: "Check IP and Groupname".
    Can you tell a bit more about where you placed your alive.cfg?

  8. Tue Sep 6 01:44:01 2016

    Hi tourist,

    I have some experience with servers etc. and I can see in your log:

    "18:26:59 ALIVE_SYS_DATA START PLUGIN: ["StartALiVE","ERROR","You are not authorized to access ALiVE War Room with this account. Check IP and Groupname."]".

    I think you didn't "register" a new server in your Alive group settings.

    Create a new server for the rented server. Make sure you also set up the computer's hostname and it's title in the lobby. And of course, the IP address for the rented server.

    Then you can get the alive.cfg for that new server and it should work.

  9. Fri Sep 2 20:59:24 2016

    From what I understand it's group tags and mission names that can't contain special characters.

    Group names can have spaces in them, like you can see in ORBAT.

  10. Thu Sep 1 01:04:54 2016
    S sn34ky started the conversation Group name can't contain spaces?.

    I tried to rename our group name (not the tag) but it says spaces are not allowed.
    Our old group had spaces between the words and lots of other groups have word spacing.

    Is this a bug?

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