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  1. 5 years ago
    Thu Mar 15 13:41:19 2018
    I incontinenetia posted in Complete Index of Chernarus Redux.

    Living up to the first part of your name Heroes!

  2. Thu Feb 15 10:12:03 2018

    Haha cheers mate

  3. Wed Feb 14 21:43:46 2018

    Ouch... if it makes it any better I have a PC again now and can probably work on suggestions

  4. Thu Sep 28 09:22:26 2017
    I incontinenetia posted in Saving and retrieving custom variables.

    This was a while back and I'm no longer able to play Arma (selling my PC) but I did actually manage to get it to work reliably. I think the trick was making sure it was only executed server side and not globally, then globalising the variable from a script running only on the server (as the ALiVE guys suggested). Feel free to have a dig around my group persistence script to see how I did it if you need clues. Specifically, I remote exec this script just on the server and it saves, loads and globalises a variable. Good luck!

  5. 6 years ago
    Mon May 29 13:23:35 2017
    I incontinenetia posted in Iraqi/Syrian Style Civilian Pack.

    Looks brilliant.

  6. Mon Apr 10 16:03:59 2017
    I incontinenetia posted in Intel on dead bodies or in buildings.

    Not likely unfortunately. The items themselves aren't actual inventory items (although I'm sure you could mod them to be). Even using inventory items, it's not very simple. The way the engine deals with inventory objects, you can't track them from one unit or container (such as a crate / dead body / vehicle / the ground) to another (such as the player). When taking an item, it's effectively deleted from the original container and then an exact copy is spawned in the receiver's inventory or vice versa. You could do it in theory but it would be pretty complicated and probably not worth the effort for the reward.

  7. Mon Apr 10 15:59:02 2017
    I incontinenetia posted in Incognito question.

    That would be awesome Nichols. Keep me posted.

  8. Mon Apr 10 15:58:07 2017

    Well it works... it might just interfere with things like VCOM and I don't think it's very optimised at all. When I'm playing Arma again I might just brush it up and release it.

  9. Wed Mar 29 16:48:05 2017
    I incontinenetia posted in Altis Vehicle Persistence.

    Do you have "profile all editor object except synced objects" selected in the virtual ai module? That used to stop vehicle persistence working a while back.

  10. Wed Mar 29 16:40:55 2017

    Well the intel script that's in ALiVE is (I think) based on the original by Spyder and Dixon.. mine is a bit more fancy but not necessarily as robust or to everyone's taste as the ALiVE version. In particular, the "unit tracking" is a bit unrealistic. As far as I know, there's nothing that tracks radio signals as well as this does in any modern military (not in common circulation anyway). It's kind of fun but not really realistic enough to be incorporated into ALiVE in my opinion.

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