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    Tue Dec 12 04:23:58 2017
    dev614 posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    @JD_Wang Try this

    that's from the VCOM thread on the BI forums. Hopefully it makes sense

    I think that has to do more with the AI not responding to calls for help, though it may play into the waypoint problem. I myself haven't noticed any problems with the calls for help, but I have noticed the waypoint behavior - do they still use this behaviour after using that fix?

  2. 12 hours ago
    Mon Dec 11 19:45:49 2017

    @Friznit I'm not a scripter so unable to help but it sounds like you're making some great progress. It'd be good to see what you've managed so far, if you're happy to share it of course!

    Neither am I, that's the problem xD but I'm getting there, slowly but surely! I'll totally share it once I get it to an acceptable state. It's playable as is, and most of the features I've added are functioning how I want them I just haven't really got to PLAY the mission yet and test it in that manner. I'm sure there's plenty of bugs just waiting to pop up.

    You wouldn't happen to know the function called when pressing "save and exit" would you? It would make it 10x more convenient to be able to save everything at once, instead of having to save custom variables in weird little hacky ways.

  3. yesterday
    Mon Dec 11 06:30:21 2017
    dev614 started the conversation Persist location of editor placed units?.

    Hey, I was wondering if anybody could help me figure out how to persist the location of AI groups placed in the editor. I use high command to control these AI groups, so when I save a mission with my whole platoon out with me, and restart with just the headquarters with me... it can be an issue. Any help would be appreciated!

    Also, is there a way to set ALiVE to save a custom variable when clicking "save and exit server"?

    EDIT: Okay so I got the locations to persist, I just need a reliable way of saving their position variable now. Right now I just use a radio trigger named "Save Unit Positions" which works fine, but I'd rather it do it autonomously so is there some sort of event handler I could use that could run the code to save the position variables?

    The ideal setting would be to save the variable when saving everything else, but I can't seem to figure that out.

  4. Mon Dec 11 06:20:44 2017

    So I ended up figuring it out and I got the credits to persist over sessions, but my question is with the respawn markers for the FOBs - they get deleted when an enemy gets too close to them. So after the marker is created and saved, could that data then be deleted after the marker is deleted? Or could I just reference the marker name again inside the trigger that deletes it after it has been deleted, maybe returning null? Idk like I said I'm not very experienced xD

  5. Sun Dec 10 20:06:02 2017

    If anybody could assist, I would be very appreciative. This is the final piece to my mission!

  6. 2 days ago
    Sat Dec 9 21:11:51 2017
    dev614 posted in R3F Logistics and ALiVE?.

    @Opendome Yup! I got R3F working well (For the most part) with ALiVE and its been great!

    The "Place the Alive (Required) module as normal but name it ALiVE_SYS_LOGISTICS" doesnt work and seems unecessary now but the

    "Then add the line in R3F_LOG\objet_deplacable\relacher.sqf at line 12:
    [ALiVE_SYS_LOGISTICS,"updateObject",[R3F_LOG_joueur_deplace_objet]] call ALIVE_fnc_logistics;"

    works perfectly and saves the object when you release it. Just add the items you want in the config and assign their size parameters.

    Great to hear! I jumped the gun anyway and went ahead and built the system around R3F, so hearing that the objects will persist is a huge weight off my shoulders. Thank you!

  7. Sat Dec 9 16:37:47 2017
    dev614 posted in Favorite Map for ALiVE?.

    Sangin is super dope, but I just feel like it's a tad too small for my taste. Takistan will always be my favorite, even though I developed a love-hate relationship for it because I can't seem to go into detail in any other insurgency missions besides my Takistan ones. I've yet to try Lythium nor Gunkizli, I'll have to check them out!

    There was a super dope African map that I really enjoyed a while back too, though the indexing was a bit wonky and AI had a hard time using vehicles because 90% of the map was jungles - it started with a Z, I forget what it was called.

  8. Sat Dec 9 16:34:49 2017

    I typically play singleplayer myself, and I try to be a little more conservative where I put my forces for insurgencies and the amount of pre-placed installations. For example, I will either manually place my units around the map in small crevices of the map or use custom objectives to spawn them, and then use civ and mil placement modules as "objective only" tasks for the OPCOM, that way it will take a little bit for the insurgency to spread. I'll typically keep the pre-placed installation level to none or low, as well.

    Though virtualized AI cannot really detect/do anything with installations, I set up triggers using AI under HC control to call out in sidechat whenever they come across an installation. It makes it nice when AI can help sweep villages.

  9. Sat Dec 9 16:00:30 2017

    If you have blacklist markers called marker_1, marker_2, and marker_3 (their variable name, as Friznit mentioned) then in the blacklist field, you would put exactly that - marker_1, marker_2, marker_3.

    Also, make sure the marker you're using is either a rectangle or an ellipse, as I don't think the blacklist will recognize any other types.

  10. Sat Dec 9 15:57:26 2017

    Also, I have respawn markers/triggers that are dynamically added to the game via an FOB system. Would it be possible to save the respawn markers/triggers as well?

    I noticed the "ALIVE_fnc_markerSaveData" function, what exactly is the criteria for a trigger/marker to be saved with this function?

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