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    Wed Sep 12 19:55:51 2018

    So I'm assuming the function I have to call to have the installations to appear is called "fnc_taskGetInsurgencyLocation.sqf" but it doesn't do anything being called regularly, and the github didn't specify any parameters so I'm not sure how to proceed from here.


    I was wrong, the correct function was ALIVE_fnc_OPCOMToggleInstallations for anybody else who was curious.

  2. Tue Sep 11 15:13:44 2018

    @SpyderBlack723 The config entry for editor categories is completely separate. I haven't looked at this stuff in a long time so I don't know what it is specifically, but try checking for something like CfgVehicles >> editorSubcategory

    Found it! Thank you very much, I now have the subcategories changed to suit each unit within the faction.

  3. Tue Sep 11 08:11:45 2018
    dev614 started the conversation Code used to toggle OPCOM installations?.

    Hey, I would like to fire off a code that would do the same thing as toggling the OPCOM installations in admin actions.

    The idea is, at the start of the mission, you're a Ranger platoon being flown into Takistan in support of a crumbling counter-insurgency operation by the restored regime after Operation Arrowhead. Once you arrive, there's already other Special Forces units that have been in Takistan before you and I would like to add an action to one of the SF units once you get in a certain range that would toggle the installations and act as a sort of brief on what recon they've pulled before you got there. After you leave the set range, it would remove the add action and you can continue conducting operations as you see fit.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  4. Sun Sep 9 19:56:08 2018

    @SpyderBlack723 Not without manually editing the configs. Each subcategory needs to have a config entry.

    Right, how would I go about that? I've edited the configs to change the name of the group categories (i.e. instead of just "Infantry" I've changed the group name to "Infantry (Rangers)", "Infantry (MARSOC)", "Special Forces (SF)" etc. etc.)

    I just don't know how to go about editing the single units category name that it inherits from whatever soldier it was based from. I would like to change "Infantry" (the RHS USMC faction singular units category, comparable to NATO's "Men") to a similar set up as the group names, "Men (Rangers)", "Men (MARSOC), "Men (SF)", "Men (SEALs)", etc. etc.

    I know I'd have to manually place the CfgVehicle classes under each subcategory, I just have no idea how to declare the subcategory in order to place the units under them.

  5. Tue Sep 4 19:16:23 2018
    dev614 started the conversation Change ORBAT faction subgroup display names?.

    I've created a faction using the RHS US Army faction as its base. When selecting single infantry units, the name for the subgroup is "Infantry (OEF-CP)". I was wondering if I am able to change the name of that subgroup, and possibly add more subgroups and split units up between them.

  6. 5 years ago
    Thu Dec 21 02:24:35 2017

    @highhead This is not how the module is intended to be used and it will not work reliably, since the position is relevant for identifaction of the module and init.sqf may run after the module has been initialised. sorry.

    It seems to work perfectly fine on my missions. I have all of the custom objectives set to spawn at random inside a placement radius, as well as the Asymmetric Military AI Commander - I checked the mission using Zeus and made all entities editable so it would show the location of all of the modules. Each test run showed the modules popping up in different locations, and eventually, the insurgency starting to spread around the Military AI Commander location.

    Now if you're speaking from a persistence standpoint, I could see how this method might mess with that and I haven't really tried to test out the persistence but otherwise it seems pretty functional.

  7. Wed Dec 20 11:50:34 2017
    dev614 posted in Placing of ALiVE Modules.

    @Guitar18 Is this still an option? I can't see it in the module options and it would be very useful.

    You're using the custom objective module? You should see something that reads:
    Infantry count: 0
    Motorized count: 0
    Mechanized count: 0

    etc etc.

    Or maybe it said override infantry/override mechanized/override motorized, etc. Either way, it should be pretty obvious to find after reading this! Hope it helps :)

  8. Wed Dec 20 11:48:40 2017

    @Mannulus So what exactly occurs if we allow the AI Commander to spawn semi randomly? How does one figure out that area is where the HQ sits?

    I'm playing a counter-insurgency mission, so I used the placement radius to add an aura of mystery to the insurgency. My idea behind it was kind of to NOT know where the HQ is, and locate it via reconnaissance. You can test (if you're debugging) where the HQ is generally by the amount of installations popping up in a said area - the asymmetric forces will always try to go for unguarded towns/villages near the commander module. I also set up a bunch of custom objective modules using the placement radius method that place units randomly around the map, so the troop movements can differ greatly from sessions to session as well - I'd definitely reccomend this method to anybody who wants to diversify the OPCOM objectives/spawns.

  9. Mon Dec 18 23:05:21 2017

    @SavageCDN If I'm not mistaken this is a vanilla BIS feature for all objects in the editor. There should be a placement radius setting in the module where you can set a range (ie: 100m) for it to spawn. Not sure if that fires before ALiVE initializes though so it might not have any effect.

    Right in front of my face the entire time, smh. Thank you, kind sir.

    And for anybody else who was curious, the placement radius method does work - it will place the commander module randomly within the set radius on mission init.

  10. Thu Dec 14 02:29:41 2017
    dev614 posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    @Tupolov New release has some major new features... Please check it out...

    1. Ability to import ORBATRON factions
    2. Units now work with loadout changes in editor
    3. Ability to write complete config to file
    4. Copy functionality improved.

    The copy functionality has a bug when copying a faction over to a different side. Each unit remains true to their original side, though the classnames are changed. I copied the OPFOR faction "CUP_O_TK" to make it independent, and each unit is set to belong to "OPFOR CSAT" when copied to the independent side.

    Also, when exporting a full faction to a file and then creating a .pbo out of the files, running the .pbo as is will cause the game to crash on start. This is due to a references in script_component.hpp that doesn't exist:

    #include "\x\cfp\addons\main\script_mod.hpp"
    #include "\x\cfp\addons\main\script_macros.hpp"

    Deleting those lines will remove the error.

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