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  1. 6 weeks ago
    Thu Jul 4 10:46:40 2019
    M marceldev89 posted in Lythium : Error 500 page.

    I think it means that we don't have the generated map tiles for that terrain. It's somewhat a tedious job and the person who usually does that hasn't been around a lot.

  2. 7 weeks ago
    Fri Jun 28 13:31:22 2019
    M marceldev89 posted in Virtual entity not given orders.

    Cool, I'll see if I can find some time this weekend. :)

  3. Wed Jun 26 19:17:37 2019
    M marceldev89 posted in [WAR ROOM] No stats on group.

    Alright, there's indeed quite a bit of data missing in the DB. Can you send me the logs from the last session? Both the RPT and aliveserver.log. The mission.sqm would be useful as well.

  4. Wed Jun 26 18:52:57 2019
    M marceldev89 posted in Virtual entity not given orders.

    If you can create a mission with just ALiVE and CBA that reproduces the issue quite clearly then I'll take a look and use that mission as a test case. :)

  5. Mon Jun 24 12:29:52 2019
    M marceldev89 posted in CfgVehicles.hpp error upon startup.

    I'll pass it over to the CFP boys, they know the tool pretty good by now. ^^

    @Tupolov @AUTigerGrad and @SpyderBlack723 for good measure.

  6. Mon Jun 24 12:28:05 2019

    Hmm Anizay does have an index, which doesn't really matter for persistence, so it should work fine.

    Did you perhaps have some weird characters in the mission name?

  7. 8 weeks ago
    Sat Jun 22 19:00:25 2019

    Those errors are "normal", it just means that it's a fresh mission and it didn't find any data associated with that mission. After you do a save they should disappear.

  8. Thu Jun 20 08:24:05 2019
    ALiVE Extension (ALiVEPlugIn) Error: ['StartALiVE','ERROR','['curlGet','ERROR','curl_easy_perform() failed']'] CMD: StartALiVE ['false']

    This usually means that the server can't reach our server. Again something for your host to look at. :P

  9. Tue Jun 18 18:44:55 2019

    If the .dll file is somewhere inside the @aliveserver folder then ask the server host, they might be blocking it for whatever reason.

  10. 2 months ago
    Sun Jun 16 20:20:21 2019

    Check the "custom perf monitors" option in the sys_data module. Something is wrong there. It defaults to:

    [[''entities'',150],[''vehicles'',300],[''agents'',450],[''allDead'',600],[''objects'',750],[''triggers'',900], [''activeScripts'',1050]]
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