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  1. 11 months ago
    Thu Nov 30 09:00:16 2017
    Kipod posted in Surprise Spawning.

    Heroes - Thanks. May just be slack drills on our part. - and I'm not sure we understand really what attracts their attention with ASR-AI3 and the incognito script running. Even HALO'ing in from 2km out and 1000m altitude seems to bring them out of the wood work.

  2. Wed Nov 29 05:28:18 2017
    Kipod started the conversation Surprise Spawning.

    Gents, Ladies,

    My mate and I have a stock mission we usually play. The enemy is an ALiVE custom faction and we use ASR-AI3 and RYD Incognito.

    My question is, is it possible for the enemy to suddenly spawn inside say 1,000m of you? We usually operate a Drone overwatch, but recently it seems like the enemy has surprised us, and closed on our area very rapidly. I had assumed that all the enemy likely to spawn would do so at the limit of view/spawn and not just appear very close in.

    I may be wrong, and this may be due to bad drills on our part.


  3. last year
    Wed Aug 23 10:00:01 2017

    Duke_161. Many thanks.

    I'm trying to see if I can AI to "mimic" players in some way so as the AI spawns around them, but I'm not sure how that's done. They spawn around UAVs, so maybe I should leave a "live" UAV near the cage? Not perfect but...

    Any ideas welcome.

  4. Wed Aug 23 09:42:04 2017

    Duke_161 - probably but can you explain how I would do that? - as in how would they trigger the ALiVE AI.

  5. Tue Aug 22 09:16:58 2017
    Kipod started the conversation AI triggering Enemy/Virtual forces.


    This may seem like a very dumb question, but please bear with....

    a.) I know that a player or a UAV triggers the AI to spawn around them at a set distance and a limited number. No problem.

    b.) Is there a way that you can have them trigger around a friendly AI entity? EG: I have a mission where I capture AI enemy. I take them back to my base, put them in the cage, and as soon as I am gone .... so are they!

    c.) I am aware that I may be asking a lot and this falls outside the intended use of the application, but I am curious to explore this.

    Many thanks in advance.

  6. Mon Aug 21 18:48:08 2017

    Pretty sure this isn't fixed. Just run a mission and had them zoom past me in my OH-6! Which fix should we be looking for?

  7. Sat Feb 25 17:02:50 2017

    marceldev89 - Very many thanks sir!

  8. Sat Feb 25 14:22:01 2017

    Errr... remind me how I roll back?

  9. Thu Dec 22 11:45:12 2016
    Kipod posted in ORBAT TOOL.

    OK tried it. It didn't work. Essentially I can have one custom made OPFOR file, or the other, but not both. I tried re-naming the autogen file, and modding the config file to notice it, but nothing.

  10. Wed Dec 21 16:52:42 2016
    Kipod posted in ORBAT TOOL.

    Thanks man. Will try it out, and let you know.

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