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    Wed Nov 8 08:17:35 2017
    R Reddog started the conversation AI standing around.

    Seems like any groups defending or waiting just stand around for much of the time, occasionally the defenders patrol but its often unhelpfully across the runway or road when someone is trying to use said route...

    Is there something i can change to get waiting groups to do something, rather than just stand in formation...?

  2. 11 months ago
    Wed Sep 27 16:55:02 2017

    Understood. However im still none the wiser as to how to get _profileHash. I dont want to profile all non profiled units, and can see no way of creating a profile from an editor placed unit via code.

  3. Tue Sep 26 08:39:30 2017

    @SpyderBlack723 how do you pick up which profile you need to ignore? I presume _profileHash relates to the profile that contains the group you want the ai command to ignore?

  4. Tue Sep 26 08:37:07 2017

    If youve got logging switched on, it all gets dumped into the log file?

  5. Tue Sep 26 08:36:22 2017

    No one? Am i alone in seeing an application for this or is it something that I've missed in the documentation?

  6. Thu Sep 21 08:37:40 2017
    R Reddog started the conversation Retain profiled group way points? .

    Basically i want some predefined groups defending a base area with set waypoints.

    I'd like them to be profiled so that they can intercept any OpFor units in the area but i dont want OpCom to control them and send them off elsewhere. Is that possible?

  7. last year
    Fri Sep 8 13:05:13 2017

    Thanks Highhead. That makes sense.

    Is there any documentation about the various functions in alive except whats in the script snippets on the wiki and the source code itself?

  8. Fri Sep 8 13:02:33 2017
    R Reddog posted in Tell me about player logistics.

    That video just about covers it. To be honest, it isnt entirely clear whats still valid and what isnt from the tutorials.

    Since there'd been no response, i stuck the module down and tried some stuff out and figured it out.

    For anyone reading this after, its not the most immersive system, but it gets the job done.

  9. Wed Aug 30 18:35:23 2017

    Thanks @highhead . So if I wanted to trigger a message when west capture an objective from east, I'd change this to be something along the lines of

    //Reddog ALIVE CODE	
    //Put in init.sqf
    //only use on an ALiVE mission with virtual AI module placed
    waituntil {!isnil "ALiVE_eventLog"};
    //Leave alone
    _fnc_custom = {
        //Do not touch that
        params ["_logic","_operation","_args"];
        //Also do not touch that
        switch (_operation) do {
            case "handleEvent": {
                _event = _args;
                _event params ["_id","_data"];
                _id = [_event, "id"] call ALIVE_fnc_hashGet;
                _data = [_event, "data"] call ALIVE_fnc_hashGet;
                _data params ["_side","_objective"];
                //// This is the part you can put your code in
                /* Example objective data from _objective call ALiVE_fnc_InspectHash;
                ---------------- Inspecting Hash --------------------
                k [0]: objectiveID v: OPCOM_2390318919_objective_0
                k [1]: center v: [23334.9,19291.6,0]
                k [2]: size v: 50
                k [3]: objectiveType v: MIL
                k [4]: priority v: 50
                k [5]: opcom_state v: idle
                k [6]: clusterID v: CUSTOM_42626
                k [7]: opcomID v: 2390318919
                k [8]: _rev v:
                k [9]: opcom_orders v: none
                k [10]: danger v: -1
                k [11]: sectionAssist v: ["BLU_F-entity_12"]
                k [12]: section v: ["BLU_F-entity_12"]
                k [13]: tacom_state v: reserve
                ---------------- Inspection Complete --------------------
                //Get objective id and position
                private _objectiveID = [_objective,"objectiveID","empty"] call ALiVE_fnc_hashGet;
                private _objectivePos = [_objective,"center",[]] call ALiVE_fnc_hashGet;
                //If objective is of side east ("GUER" for resistance)
                if (_side == "WEST") then {
    systemchat format ["WEST JUST CAPTURED OBJ- %1 at position %2", _objectiveID, _objectivePos];                
    //Register function
    _listener = [nil,"create"] call ALiVE_fnc_baseClass;
    _listener setVariable ["class",_fnc_custom];
    //Will always fire the function above if one of the events below is fired
    _listenerID =   [ALiVE_eventLog,"addListener",[_listener, ["OPCOM_CAPTURE"]]] call ALIVE_fnc_eventLog;

    I'm assuming (BIG ASSUMPTION) that I can use the position to generate a town name/map label for the major towns at least, and that OPCOM_CAPTURE is the right event to listen for??

  10. Fri Aug 18 09:03:17 2017
    R Reddog started the conversation Tell me about player logistics.

    So im looking at adding some more tasks to some missions and wondering what is and isnt possible with logistics. We currently use ACR interact to load and unload crates and such but theres no flexibility in where the object comes out, and in what orientation etc.

    If i were to make a task to construct say a mortar position for 3 tubes, how would that go with ALIVE player logistics? What options do you get when moving stuff about for layout etc, how believable and immersive is it and functionally how does the player go about it? Lastly how could i measure whether the task has been completed?

    Are there any examples out there of this stuff?

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