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    Wed Aug 15 02:47:05 2018
    C CaseyQ32 posted in OPCOM transport start location?.

    I think I found it..... Did some more searching and think I fixed it from this thread: How to select insertion point of Air Supplies on player logistics :)

  2. Wed Aug 15 02:02:06 2018
    C CaseyQ32 started the conversation OPCOM transport start location?.

    Hi all. I am working an new invasion mission and trying to figure out if there is a way to tell the opcom which direction to send requested logistics from. The problem I'm having is that I am using a custom objective to start a small FOB to enter a TAOR. When I request logistics, the transportation seems to always fly over the OBJ and alerts OPF to my presence. Any ideas? thanks

    If there is already a thread for this, just send me in that direction; I couldn't find it in the search.

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    Tue Apr 24 16:25:18 2018

    It did seem like they started moving once I left the base area. I was trying to let the battle progress overnight, so I hunkered down in my base, and when I got back on this morning, it was a grave yard. When I left the area and went to another area were OPFOR was, the helos seemed to move closer to the battle. might have been just due to inactivity, but the garbage collector still didn't clean it up. going to try it again completely vanilla. Thanks.

  4. Tue Apr 24 16:12:43 2018

    That was all that was in the mission. I had other mods loaded.. gonna unload all other mods and try again. I had the RHS mods loaded and CUP Maps, but not used in the mission.

  5. Tue Apr 24 15:40:47 2018
    C CaseyQ32 started the conversation Reinforcement delivery vehicles not leaving area.

    Hi all. I've noticed a recent issue (probably my fault in setup) with commander "called in" air units not leaving the AOR. The commander calls in reinforcements via helos, and then the helos either loiter till they run out of gas and crash, or just leave the immediate area, and then run out of gas and crash. What I end up with is this grave yard of helos all around my base. Many times they loiter over my base and end up destroying much of it when they crash. Its almost like it calls in reinforcements, then gets hung up on delivery.

    Is there a way to remove them other then going into Zeus and deleting them? Does deleting them with Zeus cause issues with ALiVE?

    Set up is vanilla (at least in mission) with two commanders, each with a mil and civ placement with 30 units each for a total of 120, and with mil logistics.


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    Mon May 29 20:47:57 2017
    C CaseyQ32 started the conversation Unable to load personal profile.

    Anybody else having issues with ALiVE pulling your profile from WarRoom? When I start a mission, I get a notification saying that ALiVE can not locate my profile, and something is broken or I do not have not yet registered on WarRoom. I checked my profile info in WarRoom and it is still all up to date. This is a mission that has worked in the past. Any help? Thanks.

  7. Sun Apr 30 19:46:52 2017
    C CaseyQ32 posted in Questions about the HQ.

    Thanks @SpyderBlack723. That's what I was looking for. I was also looking for the script that I can put into the init of a unit I don't want to be Profiled if I manually profile unprofiled units in game. I know its on here bu cant find it in search.

  8. Sat Apr 29 05:15:50 2017
    C CaseyQ32 started the conversation Questions about the HQ.

    When you select create HQ in the milplacement module, I noticed that it places a guy somewhere near (usually on) an airstrip so that it can send resupplies.
    1. Is there a way to dictate where the location of the guy goes, so that he doesn't get run over by aircraft, or random berserking vehicles?

    2. Is there also a way to tell ALiVE which aircraft to use, i.e. UH-60, VTOL or some other aircraft? I've seen the game choose the VTOL a lot more than usual, and it just seems to nose dive instead of slow and drop them off.

    3. Is there a way to move the resupply point closer to the front lines during a mission as the battles progress? (Probably not, but thought I'd ask)

    4. Does it place the HQ at the same location as the milplacement module in the editor? or does it use some other marker, like a specific type of building?

    I haven't really though about it in the past on maps like Altis, but I noticed that the aircraft keep crashing into the mountains on tanoa before it has a chance to bring in supplies to push out to the field. I created a sweet asymmetric mission all over tanoa, where my team acts like a JTAC or pathfinder team, and we clear the area so I can call in static defense to hold objs. Its like crack... Thanks!

  9. Thu Mar 2 03:11:11 2017

    Although it wont show up on the intel page as the whole area being occupied until you clear the whole objective area.

  10. Thu Mar 2 03:08:36 2017

    @AUTigerGrad I just made that same type of mission, but on a multi-city/town scale.I used a Sector Control Module (F5, Modules, Multiplayer) around the area I wanted, then placed a Logic Entity/Locations/Base (but I think you can use area or camp), placed a trigger around the same area and set it to everyone, then placed a Logic Entity /Sides BLUFOR and OPFOR in the same area. Sync the triger to the Location (Base) Logic Entity, sync the Location Logic entity to the sector Control Module, and both areas (BLUFOR OPFOR) to the Sector control Module.

    the "How To" here will help https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Module:_Sector

    Then place your ALiVE objectives like you would in any ALiVE mission in the same area.

    Do all of this for each area, and it works great.

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