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    Mon Mar 16 22:14:58 2020
    S shi4stone posted in Hearts and Minds.

    I get it from the wiki there are some script that one could use as building block for such campaign, but I don't have the skill for that sadly...

  2. Mon Mar 16 22:14:14 2020
    S shi4stone posted in Hearts and Minds.

    I totally agree, there are so many missions on steam that have great macro level system but with their own caching/spawning system that does not work as nearly as good as Alive, I just don't understand why no one build some more complicated campaign using Alive as the base and adding resource/H&M element to it.

  3. Mon Mar 16 22:11:26 2020
    S shi4stone posted in No action.

    If all modules are set correctly but still no attack, then try increase the size and change location of the placement module, sometimes it seems that if the size is too small of the placement TAOR the AI get stuck

  4. Tue Feb 25 20:12:33 2020
    S shi4stone posted in My OPCOMs don't want to do anything!.

    running now with pathfinding. pretty nice trail of waypoints. i also run on local, and anything above 20FPS is smooth for me....

    i wish i have that level of script skill, but for now i just try to use alive to create scenarios where i can role play and have some nice unexpected encouters. always hope someone would publish some alive based missions with scripted macro game mode, win/lose condition and main or side missions. but seems most just keep those missions to their units..

  5. Tue Feb 25 17:11:45 2020
    S shi4stone posted in My OPCOMs don't want to do anything!.

    i am fairly sure those undead profiles have no units around, as i zeus around that area there are no units to spawn. also upon save and load those profiles disappear

    pathfinding yes it is in the Virtual AI, says highly experimental... scares me off but i give it try. have you used that?

  6. Tue Feb 25 09:48:03 2020
    S shi4stone posted in My OPCOMs don't want to do anything!.

    Super helpful! Thanks buddy!

    Was there a path finding option that needs to be turn on then? Cause I think all the profiles just seem to travel at straight line on map. Spyder does say that alive took into account of terrain in discord. I just hope I could notice clearly the effect in game.


    Some times, enemy "objects" have not really been set to "dead" state and/or are still on "revive"/"unconsious" state so profiles actually are not "dead"/"destroyed" so, they probably are recognized as "alive" profiles. Sometimes, during my test runs I check this with Zeus.

    ok that's interesting. those profiles wont spawn either with player or zeus nearby. wish there is a way to refresh the map and remove them in game, than having to save and load the game.

    Anyway i am having a blast with alive, not so hard to set up a simple mission but very difficult get things right (right balance, working opcom, achievable objectives). it is a lot of trial and error to understand what is the right balance between number of profiles, objectives, size of the map etc.

  7. Mon Feb 24 19:35:42 2020
    S shi4stone posted in My OPCOMs don't want to do anything!.

    it is kind of working. i do notice if there is only one objective in the placement area, the units tends to stuck together. but do opcom takes into account terrain to objective? because it seems always attack in direction with better roads first but not in the hilly area even if the enemy is very close by.

    Another strange thing though the virtual profile on map does not seems to be fully updated when debug activated. some profile has either moved or died, but still show on map, and wont spawn unit if player is close by. Save and load then these profiles desappears. What's the difference in faded color profile vs stronger colored ones?

  8. Sun Feb 23 09:27:22 2020
    S shi4stone posted in My OPCOMs don't want to do anything!.

    I have exactly the same problem with no group available issue even if there are hundreds of group sitting at one starting objective. It seems to have something to do with the distance to the next objective. But could you @ arismagic share the solution you got here?

  9. 3 years ago
    Fri Jul 14 07:59:57 2017

    What i am suggesting is not necessarily more guidance from OPCOM, but rather to have some more direct feedback from the game on how am i doing in the persistence campaign, assuming there is an overall objective in the campaign. This feedback could be in term of resource I can use or other more transparent progress indication. If anything, I am more than happy to be my own OPCOM, especially in a insurgency campaign where I only need a couple squad to go out do active patrol and most other friendly are just static defense.

    The way, JD Wang, u describe is how i play alive now too, as it is almost the only way. It is fun for single mission but not very satisfying for a grand campaign, and I just feel it is quite a waste if Alive can not be fully enjoyed as a persistent campaign...

  10. Thu Jul 13 18:31:54 2017

    Much appreciate your comment Tupolov, and glad to know you guys are giving some serious thought about this!

    Again, disclaimer, I am by no means experienced mission editor, but what I was expecting is not to change Alive in any fundamental way, but rather hoping an mission editor can pull the data from ALIVE and build a meta layer for resource management and objectives on top of it.

    Alive is such a powerful mod to create a dynamic battle ground, it deserve to be played as persistence game or multi-session game. Speaking for myself as mostly an SP player, in the absence of an game master, a persistence game need some kind of meta game play layer to keep it interesting and motivating. And I feel Alive have all the necessary data already in place, laid the ground foundation, just need someone to extract these data and tie them together in a meaningful way.

    Hero, I have played many of your alive mission, i am counting on you too to create one such meta game mission;)

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