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    Sun Jul 28 21:33:39 2019
    S Scatoogle started the conversation Need some help lowering hositlity.


    I'm trying to incorporate ACEXs humanitarian rations into my alive mission. I want players to be able to give civilians humanitarian rations for a slight reduction in local hostility. The central programmatic premise is simple enough and I can easy add hooks to detect civilians spawning and adding the ability to give them the rations.

    However, I can't seem to lower the hostility. I've been running the mission locally using the debug console and the hostility refuses to lower.

    When I run the following script a strange array is returned.
    [getPos player, [side player], -20] call ALIVE_fnc_updateSectorHostility;

    ["#CBA_HASH#",["nodes","clusterID","center","size","type","priority","debugColor","debug","hostility","casualties","sectors","posture"],[[963023: wall_indfnc_pole.p3d,1419307c100# 962940: mil_guardhouse.p3d],"c_320",[4394.11,10902.7],150,"CIV",0,"ColorGreen",false,["#CBA_HASH#",["EAST","WEST","GUER",WEST],[0,130,0,-20],any],0,["4_10"],130],any]

    And when I run the following script to gauge local hostility it always shows 130 even when I attempt to lower the hostility.

    ALiVE_fnc_getNearestClusterHostilityBySide = {
    private ["_allClusters","_sectorsByDistance","_nearestSector","_clusterHostility","_clusterHostilityToSide"];
    params ["_pos","_side"];

    _allClusters = ([ALiVE_clusterHandler,"clusters"] call ALiVE_fnc_hashGet) select 2;
    _sectorsByDistance = [_allClusters,[_pos],{_input0 distance ([_x,"position"] call ALiVE_fnc_hashGet)},"ASCEND"] call ALiVE_fnc_SortBy;
    _nearestSector = _sectorsByDistance select 0;

    _clusterHostility = [_nearestSector, "hostility"] call ALIVE_fnc_hashGet;
    _clusterHostilityToSide = [_clusterHostility,_side, 0] call ALIVE_fnc_hashGet;

    }; [getPos player, "WEST"] call ALiVE_fnc_getNearestClusterHostilityBySide;

    I have been using the server execute function of debug console but that shouldn't be a factor given that the mission is running locally. I'm sure I'm forgetting something really simple.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Thu Nov 9 22:40:20 2017
    S Scatoogle posted in No civilians or IEDs on Taviana.

    Nothing that I'm aware of. I only really follow this and a couple other mods closely. If I have to I can just index the map myself but that sounds like work and I'm quite lazy.

  3. Thu Nov 9 18:40:27 2017
    S Scatoogle posted in No civilians or IEDs on Taviana.

    http://a3taviana.bid/ here is a link to the download.

  4. Thu Nov 9 08:59:44 2017
    S Scatoogle started the conversation No civilians or IEDs on Taviana.

    HELLO! How are you?

    So small problem. Trying to set up a mission on taviana and no civilians or IEDs spawned. I had plenty of bad guys (more dense bad guys would be nice but one thing at a time) but the civilians only spawned on the SW tip of the map and no IEDs spawned. If someone knows why this is happening I would love to hear it. For now I'm going to look at other maps but Taviana adds such an atmosphere I would hate to lose out on.

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    Sat Oct 1 06:34:39 2016
    S Scatoogle posted in Asymmetric spawns tanks.

    Awesome, thanks. I can't believe I overlooked that.

  6. Sat Oct 1 03:31:08 2016
    S Scatoogle started the conversation Asymmetric spawns tanks.

    I'm on mobile so please excuse any typos.

    I'm working on creating an alive (obviously) mission to play with some friends on. The goal of the mission it to keep the server up long term so we can interact with the world as it evolves. I was trying to have some regulars (with a force pool of about 200) spawn along the river so you could mimic an invasion and ousting of a local governing body. So I placed 2 opcons down, one for the independent and one for the opfor. However for some reason the opfor are spawning tanks. Their opcon is set to asymmetric and I even tried forcing them to lights infantry but they refuse to stop spawning tanks. I have also completely removed the opfor opcon from the mission to remove any cross over and they won't stop. It only does this on clafghan so I was hoping someone could shed some insight. If you guys want the mission file or screen shots I would be happy to share that as soon as I get home from work (2.5 hours-ish)

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