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    Mon Apr 22 18:57:11 2019
    Repo started the conversation Revealing asymmetric IED factories ect..

    Hello all,
    I am looking to reveal asymmetric installations such as IED factories, Recruitment HQs, ect.
    I tried using ALIVE_fnc_OPCOMToggleInstallations, however this isnt showing what I want to see.
    Anything like this? Thanks.

  2. Thu Apr 11 07:29:38 2019

    We use multiple helos in a PJ configuration. All you do is command them separately, actually not too hard, and I have yet to see them crash when used correctly. For what we do, a Blackhawk takes off, and circles an LZ with guns hot. Once I tell him this order, I wait 5-10 seconds to make sure there will be a gap. I then command my MEV bird to land or pickup at the desired LZ. This creates a orbiting guard helo, while we are able to load wounded in the MEV bird. Hope this makes sense.

  3. Wed Apr 10 19:35:12 2019
    Repo started the conversation Blacklisting a vehicle in asymmetric mode..

    Hello all, I am trying to blacklist a certain vehicle, a BM-21 in this case from spawning, whatsoever. I am able to block it from military spawn, and so far seems like that is working, however, they are still being pulled and used for roadblocks. I looked through the wiki and did some quick googling to no avail. Is there anything I am missing to just completely blacklist a class altogether? Thanks.

  4. Wed Jan 30 15:39:04 2019

    This is too funny, im at the exact same point in my project. Same issue and everything.

  5. Wed Jan 30 14:27:44 2019

    Hi all, little bit of a weird one here. I am needing to have a group of AI be fully persistent. Inventory, uniform, init and name. I also need them to still be controlled by the AI commander. So far I can either synchronize to the ALiVE Virtual AI system, which will save their loadout and such, but wont be controlled by the commander. Or I cannot synchronize them and they will be controlled, but wont save any inventory or info. Are there any options here? Thanks.

  6. Sat Jan 19 04:48:56 2019
    Repo started the conversation Helicopter logistics spawning when disabled..

    Hi all, in my logistics module, I have helos turned off for spawning in at all. There are no helos that they should be getting either from AI pre placed or from logistics module itself. However, they are spawning, with independent pilots, but redfor units inside. This has caused quite an issue. We dont want any helicopters whatsoever, please advise, thanks.

  7. 2 years ago
    Fri Aug 31 22:04:06 2018
    Repo started the conversation A few ALiVE issues..

    Hey all. I have a few issues I have been dealing with in the last mission I made. Its on Altis. Modlist is as follows:

    So here are the issues that im running into.
    First, I have vehicles spawning in on both sides that when they uncache, they explode and cookoff thanks to ACE. Is there anything I can do about this? It is every mission ive made for ALiVE. Ground and Air vehicles do this. Not every one, just some.

    Next, and this is a recent issue, more groups are spawning than I set. Currently I set them to 60 profiles per side. But they look like this.
    The album link has all the photos related to my settings, what the profiles currently look like, and the TOAR areas.

    If anyone has any tips or help. I would highly appreciate it. Thanks.

    BTW ALiVE is currently updated to the newly released version as of 8/31/2018

  8. 3 years ago
    Sat Mar 11 20:21:15 2017
    Repo posted in Server persistence issues.

    @marceldev89 Updating ALiVE server did not fix the problem.

  9. Fri Mar 10 23:56:38 2017
    Repo posted in Server persistence issues.

    @marceldev89 It did seem that way yes. It initiates the save, then gives up and goes back to being stubborn.

  10. Fri Mar 10 23:46:59 2017
    Repo posted in Server persistence issues.

    @marceldev89 Yep, I was

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