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    Wed Sep 19 01:31:42 2018

    Oh for sure!

  2. Wed Sep 19 01:10:19 2018

    If a person could be able to hold ctrl+left click"select" the original factions in the Factions Editor then click 'copy' it would copy all the units and open up a create new faction page with all 3 units selected below. Currently looks like you can only do this for 1.

  3. Wed Sep 19 00:35:27 2018

    Oh you bet. :)

  4. Tue Sep 18 18:38:08 2018
    Fletcher posted in question for the powers that be.

    I asked that before and I think it may be on the github, but can't remember. I don't think so. I, myself, like a clean map and all I have is the yellow task icon that I can't seem to get rid of. Takes the fun out of calculating coordinates search patterns etc.

  5. Mon Sep 17 19:59:20 2018

    I'll have to check back again and I am subscribed to your channel. Thanks for doing those vids btw!

  6. Sun Sep 16 16:49:32 2018

    Thanks for the reply! Ya my brain hurt so I just let it aside for now and will use your advice later. :) Thx.

  7. Sat Sep 15 02:59:14 2018

    Nooope :(

  8. Sat Sep 15 02:54:00 2018

    Juuust noticed this CUP_B_US faction name...hmmm...wonder if this would work. :)

  9. Sat Sep 15 02:46:28 2018
    Fletcher started the conversation Copying many factions to one faction.

    Heya! Been fiddling around with this Orbatron here. I created 2 factions called RHS US Military and RHS Russian Federation. I then made the separate RHS factions i.e. msv,tv,vmf, _usarmy.-usmc_wd...etc.factions compatible with ALiVE and now I'm looking to see an easy way to copy, for example, all of the sub-factions for Russia and place them into my new Russian faction.

    The reason I want to do this is if I want to use the MACC I can't put more than one faction in the module. Let's say I want the MACC to use all the jets and helis from RHS with 1 faction name, I wouldn't be able too. Can't have more than 1 faction in MACC. Same with CUP as well they separate their mods USArmy/USMC.

    Just wondering if there was an easy method to copy all those sub-factions to one. I'm dreading having to add them individually lol

    Thanks for any info. :)

  10. Fri Sep 14 07:25:33 2018
    Fletcher started the conversation CUP F-35B can't take off.

    Does anybody have this issue with the F-35B Lightning II taking off from the carrier using MACC? It just launches halfway turns left and falls off lol. Thinking about going back to RHS. Tried raising/snapping/moving/hopping/farting....nothing seems to work. :)

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