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  1. 6 months ago
    Sat Sep 2 13:47:14 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in Trouble with MACC.

    I'd wager this issue is from the MACC not correctly picking up the weapon CFG's of the custom aircraft. It's been fixed in the dev build but alas, no official update since the fix : https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS/issues/384

  2. 8 months ago
    Thu Jul 6 18:48:14 2017

    I had this issue with the 101st from IFA3.

    I had to make a new blank (no groups) faction, give the faction the correct name (Instead of the faction being "LIB_101stAB" like ALIVE was telling me, it was "LIB_101AB" or something), then load up the faction via packing it into a PBO and creating a new mod for it and all the units would show up. From there, I created the groups and repacked the mod with all the groups setup.

  3. Tue Jul 4 01:07:07 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in Military Air Component Commander.

    I was thinking in regards to the issues I am having with custom (mainly UNSUNG) aircraft. Perhaps it is due to ALIVE not being able to detect what kind of purposed aircraft it is? In that case, is there anyway to categorize them e.g a line of code in the empty vehicles init?

  4. Sun Jul 2 16:25:38 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in Military Air Component Commander.

    @Friznit the MACC module spawns the pilots, but they never get in the aircraft, as a continuous stream of "aircraft not available" is played

  5. Sun Jul 2 14:08:12 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in Military Air Component Commander.

    @Friznit Could you check this then? Because for the life of me I cannot figure it out - just get loads of "Aircraft not available" messages until I place down a standard Blu_F aircraft.

    https://ufile.io/63tp8 - the custom US aircraft faction I made for UNSUNG

  6. Sat Jul 1 22:23:16 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in Military Air Component Commander.

    Appears that the module does not work with UNSUNG, so I assume it does not work with custom vehicles at all?

    Getting a continuous stream of "Aircraft not available", despite creating a custom faction for the aircraft being placed manually

  7. Sat Jul 1 16:14:46 2017

    Just going to bump this as I've been screwing around with this issue - it appears for non-vanilla factions, ALIVE does not make custom objective HQ's

    Ignore that : Just confirmed that it appears the HQ setting does not work regardless of any setting with custom objectives. Check this out : https://ufile.io/dezwy - note that when the objective size is set for 500x500 it will not pickup the custom objective as a logistics point nor drop anything as an HQ. change the size to anything over 2000x2000 and the module will pick up a logistics point

  8. Sat Jul 1 15:24:28 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in ORBAT + Description.ext.

    I've had this same issue which was fixed by renaming the faction, though also making sure there was no CFGFaction in my description.ext... Though, appears you don't have that

  9. Sat Jun 24 04:21:09 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in Map Indexing.

    https://ufile.io/j280f Here ya go

  10. 9 months ago
    Fri Jun 23 03:52:32 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in Malden Index.

    I was gonna quickly whip you up an index.. Then the Obj Categorizer booted up and said 287 objects.. Think I may either save this for another day or let someone else take the helm ;) .. Or, just wait until the new version of ALIVE

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