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    Wed Jul 4 20:08:45 2018

    @HeroesandvillainsOS How did you index FoW maps? They’re obfuscated when I checked a few weeks ago.

    Hey, I will gladly try to have someone submit this for inclusion in a future ALIVE release, provided you’ve tested it (don’t think any of us use this mod much) and if possible, can you use Dropbox instead? That site sketches me out lol.


    Super late reply, but the devs granted me access to the map files.

    @pappagoat This is great, but with the civ placement modules it seem civ's still aren't spawning. Are you seeing this issue?

    I believe this to be an ALIVE issue, as I have this same issue on other custom maps (Prei Khmaoch Luong comes to mind)

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    Wed Apr 4 21:43:34 2018
    B Burdy323 started the conversation Faces of War Henderson Field Index .


    Eat your heart out.

  3. Wed Apr 4 21:39:43 2018
    B Burdy323 posted in Pause Module broken?.

    I believe I figured it out - had to spawn a null function and then run the ALIVE calls

    MyFunction = {[""ALIVE_SYS_PROFILE"",""ALIVE_MIL_OPCOM""] call ALiVE_fnc_unPauseModule};nul = [] spawn MyFunction;

    I'll inform you in the meantime though if I run into any more issues! Perhaps mention that in the wiki for us less "code-inclined" ;)

  4. Mon Apr 2 04:42:15 2018
    B Burdy323 posted in Pause Module broken?.

    Yeah, I can confirm that no matter the combination of modules placed within the array, I get an error on line 1734 (I believe? Top of my head) from the pausemodule.sqf stating that _mainclass is missing, followed by no ALIVE modules pausing.

    Unless I am doing something wrong?

  5. Sun Apr 1 07:26:22 2018
    B Burdy323 posted in Pause Module broken?.

    @marceldev89 That's because ALIVE_CIV_OPCOM doesn't exist. The following options are available: ALIVE_SYS_PROFILE, ALIVE_MIL_OPCOM, ALIVE_AMB_CIV_POPULATION, ALIVE_MIL_LOGISTICS, ALIVE_SYS_AISKILL and ALIVE_MIL_ATO.

    heh, that would be half the problem..

    However, running

    ["ALIVE_SYS_PROFILE","ALIVE_MIL_OPCOM"] call ALiVE_fnc_pauseModule

    and I get the same mainclass message followed by units spawning all over the map

  6. Sat Mar 31 02:50:01 2018
    B Burdy323 started the conversation Pause Module broken?.

    As topic header says - trying to pause some module with

    if (isServer) then {

    in my init.sqf and I get a message stating that _mainclass within fnc_pausemodule.sqf is undefined, followed by units spawning all over the map as if nothing had been paused

  7. last year
    Sat Sep 2 13:47:14 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in Trouble with MACC.

    I'd wager this issue is from the MACC not correctly picking up the weapon CFG's of the custom aircraft. It's been fixed in the dev build but alas, no official update since the fix : https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS/issues/384

  8. Thu Jul 6 18:48:14 2017

    I had this issue with the 101st from IFA3.

    I had to make a new blank (no groups) faction, give the faction the correct name (Instead of the faction being "LIB_101stAB" like ALIVE was telling me, it was "LIB_101AB" or something), then load up the faction via packing it into a PBO and creating a new mod for it and all the units would show up. From there, I created the groups and repacked the mod with all the groups setup.

  9. Tue Jul 4 01:07:07 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in Military Air Component Commander.

    I was thinking in regards to the issues I am having with custom (mainly UNSUNG) aircraft. Perhaps it is due to ALIVE not being able to detect what kind of purposed aircraft it is? In that case, is there anyway to categorize them e.g a line of code in the empty vehicles init?

  10. Sun Jul 2 16:25:38 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in Military Air Component Commander.

    @Friznit the MACC module spawns the pilots, but they never get in the aircraft, as a continuous stream of "aircraft not available" is played

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