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    Sat Jun 24 04:21:09 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in Map Indexing.

    https://ufile.io/j280f Here ya go

  2. 4 days ago
    Fri Jun 23 03:52:32 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in Malden Index.

    I was gonna quickly whip you up an index.. Then the Obj Categorizer booted up and said 287 objects.. Think I may either save this for another day or let someone else take the helm ;) .. Or, just wait until the new version of ALIVE

  3. Fri Jun 23 03:44:31 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in Map Indexing.

    In the meantime : https://ufile.io/lj5ge

    Merderet V2 index

  4. last week
    Sat Jun 17 21:46:41 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in Map Indexing.

    Yeah, Leaving Object Categorization on yes in this case doesn't run deWRP, but goes straight into generating sector data

  5. Fri Jun 16 20:46:36 2017


    So that works on Altis, but on my custom Neaville & Omaha indexes, nothing appears from the debugger (and from this I assume that the logistics do not properly function as the faction runs out of reinforcements and does not properly reinforce themselves).

  6. Fri Jun 16 17:47:42 2017

    Exactly - for me it does not place an object for the HQ, nor do I see an reinforcements being replaced at the location.

    What exactly are your debug settings? For me, nothing appears when I turn my debugs on for the logistics/commander. Maybe it is because i'm using the workshop version of ALIVE?

  7. Fri Jun 16 17:46:04 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in Map Indexing.

    Did that initially and it does not work - skips the Object Categorization process and goes straight to indexing without any objects defined

  8. Fri Jun 16 06:06:40 2017
    B Burdy323 started the conversation Custom Objective's not making HQ's?.


    So from my knowledge the custom placed objectives are not creating HQ's despite setting the parameter. Field HQ objects are not being placed down, and from what I can tell, the AI does not use the objectives for logistics (which although I turned the debug on for the military commander and logistics, I got nothing debug related on the screen - perhaps another bug?)

  9. 2 weeks ago
    Tue Jun 13 02:22:26 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in Map Indexing.

    Alright, so..

    The guys from Faces of War personally ran deWRP for me and gave me a WRP_Objects text file for the map. How would I get ALIVE to recognize this, and proceed to the object categorize portion? Currently, I cannot reach that as the program is still insistent on running deWRP for its own defined PBO (which is not possible, as the one I have is still encrypted).
    https://ufile.io/bihj8 - the objects for the map as defined by the dev's deWRP.

  10. Fri Jun 9 22:29:47 2017
    B Burdy323 posted in Map Indexing.

    https://ufile.io/en8sz : Neaville (summer)

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