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    Mon Jun 5 11:13:28 2017
    L Lord_Riot posted in Mission not saving.

    Terrormango, is the feed coming up on the Alive War Room that your mission has beens tarted, kills etc?

  2. Mon Jun 5 06:04:53 2017
    L Lord_Riot posted in Multiple Roles.


    Absolutely. I appreciate the time going through all of my posts over the past few days to respond.

    Great work buddy, really is appreciated!

  3. Mon Jun 5 06:04:02 2017
    L Lord_Riot posted in Addaction on Civilians.

    Hi Spyder,

    I'm trying via the Civ init Box & Via script. Is there a prevention of adding in Civs init?

    EDIT: On the back of this Spyder using Objects with the same addaction is functioning via script & init. So it seems just Units, I.e Civ's, IND forces etc.

    Let me know if you have any further thoughts.

  4. Mon Jun 5 06:03:26 2017
    L Lord_Riot posted in Can't open Alive Menu.

    Unfortunately Spyder after loads of tries, I just created a new profile to Default keys. It was easier, but not quite a solution!

    I appreciate the reply though.

  5. Sun Jun 4 01:04:40 2017
    L Lord_Riot posted in Can't open Alive Menu.

    The thing is I can hear the sound, just the interface doesn't open, very frustrating!

    I remapped them and now nothing :(

  6. Sun Jun 4 00:49:52 2017
    L Lord_Riot started the conversation Can't open Alive Menu.

    Hi There,

    No matter how I map my Alive key or User Custom Key 20, I am unable to open with the Alive menu.

    Restarted after mapping, tried new missions, added laser designation and command tablet.

    Any help?

  7. Fri Jun 2 18:30:58 2017
    L Lord_Riot posted in Addaction on Civilians.

    From a mission making perspective, as oppose to using triggers in 3DEN, I use sqf's and addactions.

    I.E If I place a civilian I will give him an addaction to run an sqf, it appears that the 'addaction' command is overwritten by the 'Search' & 'Detain' options.

    To this date I actually haven't been able to gather intel etc, although I have 'talked' to one civilian, how does the talking & intel function as I have not seen it in action yet?

  8. Fri Jun 2 17:57:31 2017
    L Lord_Riot posted in Addaction on Civilians.

    Heroes I'm really sorry! I don't know why I put Exile, I have never used it led alone implemented it!

    I meant 'Alive' not Exile (Extremely Embarassed)

    Thanks for the speedy response!

  9. Fri Jun 2 17:47:58 2017
    L Lord_Riot started the conversation Addaction on Civilians.

    With the Alive mod activated, I am unable on 'addaction' on civilians or other units - is this a known issue?

    Edit - Corrected the Mod name cause I'm a fool.

  10. Fri Jun 2 04:27:57 2017
    L Lord_Riot started the conversation Multiple Roles.

    This is a curiosity question,

    I am running a campaign that has two seperate narratives at the same time on the same server, map etc.

    If I were to have squad 'Alpha 1-1'& 'Alpha 2-1' would each role/character be treated as a different entity regardless of the user?

    I.E if One person was to play a role in both Alpha 1-1 then move to Alpha 2-1 and we did a persistence save how would the loadouts and player exit function?

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