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    Tue Jun 29 16:08:02 2021

    I believe the current command for this is actually Ctrl-Alt-Left Click and Ctrl-Alt-Right Click for anyone googling this.

  2. Tue Jun 29 16:07:40 2021

    I believe the current command for this is actually Ctrl-Alt-Left Click and Ctrl-Alt-Rightclick for anyone googling this.

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    Wed Nov 28 10:09:40 2018
    H hardly posted in Alive vehicles saving.

    I think there is a problem though that if you move a non-synced vehicle. Save using Alive save. Then quit and reload the mission in Arma, then have Alive load it's save data that Alive wont update the location and Arma will spawn the vehicle in the position it was at the beginning of the game and not where you saved it.

    This would be ridiculous if you wanted to have aircraft for show at a base but had to board each one so they reload properly.

    Is there a page that explains syncing because quite frankly I don't get what it actually does.

  4. Tue Nov 27 11:17:25 2018
    H hardly posted in Alive vehicles saving.

    I think I can help with this one.

    Anything you spawn or place in the map needs to be synced to the Alive Virtual AI module. The reason is actually rather simple. when you sync something, you are telling Alive to manage it, at which point Alive takes over control and then respawns the object.

    If you don't do this, when the mission starts, Arma places the object itself and then when you save it, Alive creates a copy in its database which it then spawns on reload in addition to Arma placing the original object. If you check inventory you will notice one vehicle always has the original loadout

    This is a big problem if you place a lot of objects though, so sometimes it's easier just to sync the main character to Alive, which you would normally NOT do, then tell Alive to virtualize all non-synced objects instead by editing the module.

  5. Tue Nov 13 13:11:03 2018
    H hardly posted in Wake Island?.

    I've confirmed it's not a problem with the map. I tried Malden and Kastellizio and had the same errors as well.

    Thanks for checking it out.

  6. Fri Nov 9 16:14:44 2018
    H hardly posted in Can't Open Admin Commands.

    Nope, it should be under the right windows key with all the other alive stuff.

    (The menu key between the right-alt and right-control.)

  7. Fri Nov 9 13:04:16 2018
    H hardly started the conversation Script Errors? <time> _t and _profileID.

    (ALIVE1.7.0.1807121 Arma 3 Stable 1.82 >> LEGACY FROM STEAM / Only other mods are maps.)

    Good evening,

    I've been working on developing my single player mission mainly following the quick start guide among other things. I thought about posting these to GITHUB, however, I'm not sure if it's a script error or if I didn't make the mission properly.

    I am constantly getting 2 kinds of errors and I can't deduce which module they are coming from:

    1. _t or <TIME>

    I thought this was from the C2IStar plugin. I started getting it after installing the C2IStar plugin. It seems to reduce in volume if I turn off everything including TRACE, Friendly units, Military Units and Player units. Changing the actual refresh time in C2IStar doesn't seem to affect this.

    21:50:29 Error in expression <time > _t>
    21:50:29 Error position: <_t>
    21:50:29 Error Undefined variable in expression: _t

    2. _profileID

    This second error I thought I was getting because I placed an un-synced boat for the player to use or when I had the Military/Civilian objectives set too high. However, it started showing up again, of all times, when I got enemy kills.

    21:49:50 Error in expression <e = ([ALiVE_ProfileHandler,"getProfile",_profileID] call ALiVE_fnc_profileHandle>
    21:49:50 Error position: <_profileID] call ALiVE_fnc_profileHandle>
    21:49:50 Error Undefined variable in expression: _profileid
    21:49:50 File \x\alive\addons\mil_opcom\fnc_OPCOM.sqf [ALiVE_fnc_OPCOM], line 2550

    If anyone needs me to post the mission or rpt data let me know. I've got a good 35mb of logs for you but they mostly say the same thing.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this.

  8. Thu Nov 8 05:57:32 2018
    H hardly started the conversation Single Player Saving [Solved].

    After tinkering for a few days trying to make a single player mission. I continually have problems saving progress.

    I wanted to make a mission where I could play single player and slowly move sector to sector clearing enemies over the course of a few weeks while occasionally saving after a good day. I wanted to use CI2STAR and TRACE mode to give the player an idea of where the action is to make up for lack of normal communication between soldiers.

    I have save working locally and persistence set to on in every module I could. However, after saving and reloading in an enemy hanger. The enemies respawned when I reloaded the Alive mission. I don't think they spawned due to logistics. Rather, ALiVE just generated new enemies for that area because that's what it does on startup.

    I reset the save data several times and made sure to play through the scenario menu, and not through the editor.

    I think, though, playing through the editor didn't actually spawn any enemies but playing through the scenario menu did. Is it possible that ALiVE does something different when launched through the scenario menu?

    I'll continue bug-testing tonight. This feels like it's almost working.

    *** UPDATE ***

    I found the culprit. It wasn't logistics after all, but it was the Close Quarters Battle module that was randomly spawning enemies upon reloading the game.

    I've since edited my map and instead of using logistics and CQB, I've decided to simply do a grand-scale war (on Malden 2035) because random enemy spawning is exactly what I DON'T want in this mission.

  9. Wed Nov 7 12:08:42 2018
    H hardly posted in Mission Templates.

    I'll check it out, thanks.

  10. Wed Nov 7 10:16:32 2018
    H hardly posted in Wake Island?.

    Was this ever completed?

    I have been trying to get Alive working on Wake Island for two nights now but I keep getting OpCom Line 2550 _ProfileID / Profile Handler errors.

    It just occurred to me that maybe Wake Island isn't indexed and that is what's causing random errors along with the occasional (but entertaining) rocketing transport helicopters.

    I am also getting errors from the CSI Star module when it's installed... Could that be due to the map lacking an index as well?

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