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    Sun Feb 25 16:06:58 2018
    N Neon started the conversation problems on maldene.

    this writing appears to me when I use maldene as a map

    ...all ALIVE_fnc_sector;
    if("terrain" in (#_sectorData sector 1)) then _terrainin Da..'
    error variabile non definita nell'espressione _sectordata File
    (alive _fnc_sectorFilterTerrain. line 1790

  2. 11 months ago
    Mon Dec 4 11:53:56 2017


  3. Wed Nov 29 12:17:52 2017
    N Neon started the conversation translate into multiple languages.

    Ever thought of making more than one language alive?

  4. Wed Nov 15 17:29:14 2017
    N Neon posted in I lose the info.

    bravo citadel !!!
    he has some mod ..... try with only cba and alive if it works add the others then let me know

  5. last year
    Sun Nov 12 10:03:14 2017
    N Neon posted in I lose the info.

    I know, I wrote badly, I do that procedure but do not hold the markers of the obtained info as well as the obj finite......

  6. Sat Nov 11 07:39:53 2017
    N Neon posted in I lose the info.

    yes, I'm using the cloud and use "server save and exit".
    play on the mission "blabla" and I find some info that appears on the map,
    I exit the "save end exit" mode correctly,
    then play on a "xxxxx" mission,
    I want to resume the mission "blabla" but when I get back the info I have acquired and shown on the map there is no more !, as well, if I had completed obj, they are no longer completed.

  7. Fri Nov 10 12:44:35 2017
    N Neon started the conversation I lose the info.

    I have a problem with a mission created by me:
    I put all the necessary parameters to save, getting into the mission by playing it trying to locate the info to find the hidden ones that appear quietly on the map but if I exit saving and after returning by interrupting the mission on the server with another, I lose all the information collected. some idea??

  8. Thu Jun 22 11:30:38 2017

    1- couthDB

    2-As soon as I get home you send them

    3- [2RGTIncursori] 2RGTAlive

    thanks for now

  9. Wed Jun 21 16:15:41 2017
    N Neon started the conversation I can not save and keep statistics.

    Hello to all
    With my group we are starting to use Alive but I have a problem putting all the necessary modules to save the missions and resume them later, but something does not work and i can not understand what, we save but when we come back we are not where we were But to the starting point as well as the fact that we do not see the mix and the statistics are not updated. Could anyone explain us well or maybe go through an example mission? I would be grateful.

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