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    Wed Jan 24 12:56:52 2018
    1 123B3n posted in CBA Eventhandlers not triggered.

    @SpyderBlack723 I doubt it's causing your problem here, but its convention to use a class to separate your eventhandlers by mod

    class Extended_Hit_EventHandlers { class CAManBase { class your_mod_name { hit = "_this call custom_fnc_handleHit;"; }; }; };

    Oh I never knew about that, cheers man I'll give it a test and come back with the result shortly!

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    Thu Jan 18 18:49:00 2018
    1 123B3n started the conversation CBA Eventhandlers not triggered.

    Hi there, about 7 months ago I created a topic related to event handlers and I recently just got back to the alivemod again. I've got some event handlers going and when I'm testing it on my local machine it works just fine but not when I move it over to my dedicated server on a different machine. I've tried different ways and as far as I got it to work and find what the problem is, and it something with alive that I've missed or are not understanding, because any AI's spawned from the alive modules aren't triggering the event handler, however, if I spawn an AI from Zeus it works just fine without a problem. Anyone got any ideas on how to resolve this?

    description.ext (I've tried switching CAManBase to Man and All and still no change, I mean it works just fine on my local machine)

    class Extended_Hit_EventHandlers {
    	class CAManBase {
    		hit = "_this call custom_fnc_handleHit;";

    fn_handleHit.sqf (Just as a test to see if it's being triggered or not)

    params ["_unit","_causedBy","_damage","_instigator"];
    hint format ["Triggered\nUnit: %1\nCausedBy: %2\nInstigator: %3", name _unit, name _causedBy, name _instigator];
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    Sat Nov 25 14:56:40 2017
    1 123B3n started the conversation JSON fnc questions.

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to convert some data via the JSON functions that comes with ALiVE which then should be able to be read through my website. Anyhow, for some reason I seem to not be able to create the JSON elements with both key and values, been reading through the functions itself on the GitHub page just to figure it out but no joy.

    Anyone here that might be able to help out, this is the code that I have so far just as a test so I can figure it out

    _map = ["", "new"] call ALiVE_fnc_unorderedMap;
    [_map, "insert", ["key", "value"]] call ALiVE_fnc_unorderedMap;
     _test = ["", "encode", [_map]] call ALiVE_fnc_JSON;
     diag_log format["%1",_test];

    Need the code to be output as

          "key": "value"

    the closest I got was the return of


    Hopefully, someone can share some light with this functions, been trying to wrap my head around the functions for a while now and I still can't seem to get it to work correctly.

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    Fri Nov 24 23:07:22 2017
    1 123B3n posted in Infinite Load Screen Issue.

    @HeroesandvillainsOS MediumMGCamp3 remove it. Delete and replace. Don’t put it back in there. It should load.

    Wow, the fact that I missed that part is unreal, really though thanks that will really help me with my previously working missions.

  5. Fri Nov 24 22:44:25 2017
    1 123B3n posted in Infinite Load Screen Issue.

    @HeroesandvillainsOS Also copy pasting the modules isn’t the same as delete and replace (incase you are doing that). The same goes for compositions (pretty sure). Delete and replace means delete the module, press save in the editor. Place the module again, press save again.

    I deleted all of them and added them back manually not copying them or anything like that, and I wrote a simple test mission from scratch just to check if it was caused by all of my other addons, launched it with only CBA and ALiVE active just to see if it still occurred and so it did.

    Image of the entire mission with all it's modules open, those are the values used in the test mission most of them have barely been changed from it's default values, some have and some haven't.


    Edit: Oh okey, yea all addons that exists on the workshop such as CBA are from the workshop, wish the ALiVE plugin was there as well but it's not as far as I know.

  6. Fri Nov 24 22:33:49 2017
    1 123B3n posted in Infinite Load Screen Issue.

    @HeroesandvillainsOS There was an issue with back compat and cust obj modules very briefly, but this *should* all be fine in the most current release of ALiVE (TBH I don’t think this issue was ever in a release build but it was spotted internally, then fixed). Can you make 100% sure your ALiVE is up to date? Your best bet for this is Steam Workshop because it updates automatically.

    Can you take a screenshot with your cust obj module open if you are up to date and it still has infinite loading?

    I wasn't aware there was a workshop of the ALiVE plugin, could you send me a link of it? I straight up downlaoded the latest version from the website as of earlier today and the latest I took was like 30 minutes ago, give me 2 minutes and I'll take screenshots

  7. Fri Nov 24 22:16:34 2017
    1 123B3n posted in Infinite Load Screen Issue.

    @Friznit Which map? Please can you try a fresh map with just alive and cba loaded and see if you can recreate the issue? Could be the map needs a re-index.

    I just tried on Tanoa with only ALiVE and CBA activated, did the exact same thing. I have reported it on GitHub in case it's a bug: https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS/issues/471 I've included both client and server logs, also included the mission itself with just the default and basic stuff.

    Double checked that I have all the latest patches for both ALiVE and CBA just to be on the safe side, pretty much done everything thinkable by now, but yea the report includes the mission template itself, logs and everything, I can't figure it out for some reason.

    I followed the troubleshooting guide on the wiki about the subject itself, ensures all modules were synced and such, in my eyes it seems to be a bug of some sort.

  8. Fri Nov 24 21:12:17 2017
    1 123B3n posted in Infinite Load Screen Issue.

    @Friznit Generally completely deleting and then replacing the modules in the editor fixes this issue.

    Just tried that, I deleted all modules on the entire map including ACE3 modules, CBA and ALiVE modules, added everything back manually and still the same issue.

    All though I've figured out that the issue ONLY occur if I have ALiVE_mil_placement_custom module on the map, doesn't happen if I have the civilian objective or military object once on the map which is weird

  9. Fri Nov 24 16:53:06 2017
    1 123B3n started the conversation Infinite Load Screen Issue.

    Hi there,

    a couple of months ago I kinda dropped off ArmA for some personal reasons, right now it's been resolved and I'm back. My old mission that was working perfectly back then no longer loads for some reasons, it's just loading and loading and loading and I'm completely lost why, I've read the wiki about it, ensured all modules that need to be synced is synced, I even double checked all modules on the wiki to see if they required being synced or not. Still not working, I know for a fact that it's the alivemod modules causing it not to load as its loading without a problem if I remove them from the server.

    Any recommendations or tips to fix this I'd really appreciate it as I got no clue, been trying to get it to work the past 8 hours, takes a piss to reload the time all the time as I can't even hit the 'ESC' key to return back or anything.

    Mods being used:
    RHS Series
    Some other vehicles, maps, sound, uniform mods

    RPT Logs

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    Sun Jul 2 18:51:17 2017
    1 123B3n started the conversation EventHandlers.

    Hi there,

    so I'm trying to build a statistics tracking function for my mission, everytime I've tested it so far is with spawning the AI through Zeus and everything works fine. However, I just discovered today that if I shoot an AI spawned in with alive the event handler no longer works.

    I just want to know if it's even possible to add event handler for the AI's being spawned in by Alive itself or if it doesn't work at all. Because every eventhandler added to the server works fine by itself besides when it interacts with alive.

    here are the current event handler I've got running on my mission

    player addEventHandler ["Fired", {_this call alive_fnc_handleFired;}]; // Works Fine
    ["CAManBase", "Hit", {_this call alive_fnc_handleHit;}] call CBA_fnc_addClassEventHandler;
    ["CAManBase", "Killed", {_this call alive_fnc_handleKill;}] call CBA_fnc_addClassEventHandler;

    None of the CBA event handlers works with the alive mod, only if I spawn with Zeus or add the AI's from the editor. I've tried adding them with the original event handlers from arma "addEventHandler" but at that point it didn't work at all when I tested it, all though I only tested it with Zeus

    Any ideas?

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