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    Thu Oct 19 07:15:44 2017

    Ok, but why does ALIVE only spawn vanilla units instead of my forced CUP_O_TK units ?

  2. Wed Oct 18 21:35:23 2017

    On top is military logistic. On the left and right side there is a military AI commander for each faction. One for "rhs_faction_vdv" and the other for CUP_O_TK. Both are opfor factions.

  3. Wed Oct 18 06:37:56 2017
    N Neodym started the conversation Force Faction is not working correct.


    i try to use in my mission RHS and CUP Units.
    The "Force Faction" parameter in the following ALIVE modules are:

    Military Placement (Military Objectives): rhs_faction_vdv
    Military Placement (Civilian Objectives): CUP_O_TK
    Civilian Population: CUP_C_TK

    But in some cases, ALIVE is spawning only vanilla arma 3 faction's e.q. CSAT and as civilian units vanilla Tanoa civs
    The missions runs with ALIVE v1.4.1.1710111

  4. Wed Sep 27 07:03:58 2017
    N Neodym started the conversation Orbat group for Project opfor.

    I try to create some groups for Project opfor with Orbat.
    This my Orbat output for my description.ext :
    Orbat output
    On mission start Alive sends me the chat message "not groups for Infantry,.... definde in "LOP_IRAN".....
    Do i had to change something in my Orbat output? How can i fix this problem ?

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    Tue Jul 25 08:46:10 2017
    N Neodym started the conversation Spawn helo on custom map.

    I run several mission on Takistan and Lythium with ALiVE an RHS. But on both maps there is problem with spawning a helo in Hangars on Takistan and on helo pads on Lythium.
    On Takistan ALiVE spawns only helo's on Rassman airfield an on one helo pad next to Rassman Airfield. But if ALiVE place the helo in an hanager in Rassman, the helo explodes with the hangar. On Lythium it is a bit different. ALiVE place the helo next to the helopad and the helo explodes. Or sometimes ALiVE place the helo on an helopad, cycle around the helo and finaly the helo explodes.
    Is ist possibel to workaround this issue?
    Is it possible to place hidden helo pads in Eden to force ALiVE to use only Eden placed helopads ?

  6. Tue Jul 25 08:13:05 2017
    N Neodym posted in CQB Blacklist.

    Oh it would be nice to blacklist some static weapons or so. So the wiki article (http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/CQB ) is in this case a bit misleading.

  7. Wed Jul 19 06:44:16 2017
    N Neodym started the conversation CQB Blacklist.


    i try to blacklist some static guns in the CQB module.
    So i placed in the init of the "ALiVe Required" module the following: "ALiVE_MIL_CQB_CUSTOM_UNITBLACKLIST = ["O_HMG_01_A_F","I_HMG_01_A_F","O_GMG_01_high_F"];". Bot no joy. ALiVE spawns always these static guns. How can i avoid this ?

  8. Wed Jul 19 06:28:44 2017
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