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Icon civ CO.png Military Placement (Civ Obj)

Onebit note.png Note: CQB Density Settings of over 10% may cause very long load times, especially on large heavily urbanised maps with enterable buildings such as Altis!

How It Works

Based on the original Urban Ops enemy generator by Highhead, Ambient CQB automatically populates a built up area with dismounted infantry units when a player moves within range. The groups occupy buildings, patrol the streets and react to enemy presence. CQB detects the dominant AI faction in the area (ignoring players) and spawns the appropriate units accordingly.

Usage: Place one or more CQB modules and configure options as desired. Optionally, CQB can be synchronised (F5) to a Mil_MP or Mil_CP module to define specific objectives and TAORs.

For example, it is simple to quickly set up a scenario with a town populated by generic infantry by placing a MCP module with a TAOR marker covering the town and synching a CQB module to it. You can also just place a single module without syncing it to anything and all the towns on map will be populated with enemies!

By default, CQB modules will autodetect the dominant faction in towns. You can place multiple modules down and define factions explicitly if you want more control over what spawns.

CQB AIs are not counted by Military Placement spawn limiters. Adding a high percentage CQB module to an area already covered by a Placement Module could create a very large number of AI. In this event, you can manually limit the number of AI that CQB creates at each spawn point using the Solo, Pair, Fire Team option.


Locations Parameter

Complete Map - Will spawn units over the entire map

Towns Only - Will spawn units in areas on the map that ALiVE detects as a village/town/city

If the CQB module is synced to a Placement Module (MP/MCP) it will limit the spawning of CQB units to the military/civilian installations recognised by that module. This overrides the "Complete Map\Towns Only" settings as well as any TAOR/Blacklists included in the module parameters.

Density Parameter

Probability - this is the percentage of total houses that will be occupied. Note that this does NOT automatically scale per client.

Density - this adds more house locations with a minimum distance of X metres to each other, resulting in a tight "grid" of CQB positions.

AI Amount - set the max size of each spawned CQB group

Placement Parameters

Static - will always spawn units from the faction specified in the module

Dominant - will spawn units from the dominant faction in the area

Factions - Enter the faction to be spawned in Static mode.

Static Weapons: sets the probability that static weapons will spawn (0 to disable; 0.5 for 50%; 2 or more will spawn that number of weapons on every available surface).

Custom Unit Blacklists

Advanced uses can customise the force compositions by blacklisting certain units, groups or vehicles. For example, you can prevent CQB from spawning AA units. To do so, add the following variable to the sys_Profile module init field, where type is the vehicleClass C_man_1

ALiVE_MIL_CQB_CUSTOM_UNITBLACKLIST = ["unitType_1","unitType_2","unitType_3"];