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    Sat Jun 16 22:38:27 2018
    D Dunkelzahn posted in Stuck!.

    I use custom objectives with some of my missions, and the AI does indeed attack and defend them as it would any "normal" mil/civ objectives, as long as the commanders have them synced. Thus, civ/mil objectives aren't necessary to make a mission function, it just takes a bit more work. Also, take note that the amount of troops in custom objectives means whole squads. I usually use a number between 20 - 40 in each custom objective to make sure the AI has enough troops to do stuff with. If the AI ever seems too passive at a location, just up the number of troops.

  2. Sat Jun 16 22:26:42 2018
    D Dunkelzahn posted in unsung compatibility? (SOLVED).

    ARVN forces weren't working for me either, so I'm working on getting that faction up and running during the coming week or so, and I will post them here as well when I'm satisfied with them. :) Concerning maps, I have only used Da Krong and Prei. There's a lot of nice maps in unsung, so it would be nice to get them working in ALIVe. I don't know anything about map indexing, but I think I might have a look at it too, because I have spare time. I use pretty much exclusively custom objectives for setting up my missions, because the civ/mil-modules don't seem to work right with unsung. It takes a bit more fiddling for sure.

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    Wed Jun 13 19:40:05 2018
    D Dunkelzahn posted in unsung compatibility? (SOLVED).

    D'oh, this was mostly a case of user error, i'd made a typo and read the debug messages wrong. *facepalm* Alive actually supports most of UNSUNG (only VC troops, i.e. "UNSUNG_EV" fail to load for me), so no compatibility patch is necessary. I will see if I can use ORBAT creator to mod in the UNSUNG_EV faction later today. I still advise anyone not to use the unsung faction mods mentioned at the alive wiki, they're badly out of date and will most likely break your game somehow.

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    Hi, I decided to make an unsung alive mission, but noticed a few issues. As far as i know, unsung doesn't support alive out of the box, so I've been using a compatibility faction patch from the BI forums, which I guess is badly out of date. All of the spawned armored vehicles are see-through and you can't get into their firing seats at all. This also affects aircraft, and infantry seems kinda wonky as well. I tried to make the units compatible myself through ORBAT creator (i've done this for quite a few incompatible factions before), but for some reason it doesn't work -- Alive still says unsung troops are incompatible.

    So my question is, has anyone managed to make unsung alive missions recently, and if so, do you use some kind of compatibility patch? Thanks.

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    Sun Aug 13 08:29:20 2017


    I've been working with the Alive modules for a few weeks now and really love the mod. A few things came up yesterday that I had to ask about.

    I managed to add some ambient helicopters to my mission by syncing them to the Virtual AI Module, but i'm a bit uncertain if i'm doing it right. Does OPCOM also use them as units for replacements in the logistics module, or does it use them only as a single unit spawn through the ambient air parameter? I've had a few cool air battles at the start of the mission between choppers, but i haven't seen them respawn later.

    Also, the map I'm using is at the moment is Thirsk, which doesn't seem to work very well with mil/civ-objectives, so i need to use custom objectives. The units seem to spawn ok, but i noticed something odd in debug: The INDFOR markers spawn in the right bottom corner of the map. To clarify, it's only the markers, not units spawning, as shown in the picture. They start slowly moving towards the actual combat zone of the map:

    So far it hasn't really caused any big problems, such as weird unit spawns, but it seems that the virtualized AI engage each other at odd places due to this.

    This problem doesn't seem to occur with BLUFOR, who spawn normally near the objectives, just INDFOR.

    I'm wondering if this is due to some parameter in a custom objective? Could it be the map causing the issue? Is it possible to determine the size and radius of the (virtual) AI spawns somehow, when using custom objectives?

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