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    Tue Oct 10 13:35:45 2017
    N NormalNorm started the conversation [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-8] War In Takistan.


    The Islamic radicals ISIS have managed to gain a foothold in Takistan. Your Job as part of a NATO multi-national force is to eradicate the enemy from the country. ISIS hold 4 key locations on the map and they can and will send in reinforcements. ISIS are also aware of where you base is located and it is possible that they might launch an attack themselves. Prepare yourself for War!

    CO-OP Mission for 1-8 players
    Ability to Call in Cas
    Ability to call in Arty
    Ability to call for transport

    Remember to ensure your soldier is carrying a Laser Designator to ensure that you can fully use the ALiVE features and to have the abilities to call for support.

    Requires the following mods (which can be all downloaded through Steam Workshop)
    Cup Weapons
    Cup Units
    Cup Vehicles
    Cup Terrains Core
    Cup Terrains Maps
    Cup Terrain CWA
    Spyder Addons
    Project Opfor
    JSRS Soundmod (optional)
    Advanced Rappelling (optional)

    Please leave any feedback below. It would be appreciated as I am always looking learn and see how I can do better. :) Thanks to HeroesandvillainsOS, for the help the other day!!

    Steam Workshop Link : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1164455347

  2. Fri Oct 6 22:03:33 2017
    N NormalNorm posted in Using Cup Factions.

    Excellent. Many thanks for all your help. Its been appreciated :)

  3. Fri Oct 6 21:52:27 2017
    N NormalNorm posted in Using Cup Factions.

    I just used CUP_O_RU. Strange. Different question now. Is there a way i can select where the helicopters and planes spawn that I use for cas and transport? Im creating a mission on the Lingor map on a Airbase. However the planes and choppers spawn in among the trees and 1 of the choppers blow up on spawn lol.

  4. Fri Oct 6 21:35:40 2017
    N NormalNorm posted in Using Cup Factions.

    I got it working!! The weirdest of things. The rectangular box which the russians were supposed to spawn in I put in as Opfor red. By changing the colour to normal red the Russian factions now spawn in correctly,.

  5. Fri Oct 6 21:16:12 2017
    N NormalNorm posted in Using Cup Factions.

    I tried adding CUP_O_RU_ALIVE but again. No joy. Thanks for replying :)


  6. Fri Oct 6 20:57:15 2017
    N NormalNorm posted in Using Cup Factions.

    I get the same results putting CUP_O_RU. I tried putting CUP_O_RU- in because that was how it was listed under the faction names http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Supported_Factions . Like I said I have tried both and always spawns opfor and not russians

  7. Fri Oct 6 09:44:00 2017
    N NormalNorm started the conversation Using Cup Factions.

    Hi guys

    I am trying to create a mission using the Cup Russian faction however I cannot Get it to work. I place under the "Overide factions" tab CUP_O_RU - in the Military commander and military placement tabs and under the drop down boxes i have left the faction to none. But when i start the mission i get errors coming up and they spawn as OPfor soldiers. This must be something silly i am doing wrong but i just cannot figure it out.

    I know the 2nd picture is a German Faction entered but I was just trying out various factions to see if they work. My mods are all up to date via the steam workshop


    I hope what i put makes sense

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