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    Thu Apr 12 12:26:43 2018
    Tortuosit started the conversation 1.6.0 prerelease not working at all.

    Hi, the 1.6.0 prerelease - is it working at all? ArmA gui says Alive is loaded. But on startup, not Alive screen, no Alive modules in Eden editor...
    ArmA is up to date stable version w. tanks DLC.

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    Fri Dec 8 06:40:34 2017

    @HeroesandvillainsOS I’ve had people ask me this before, and I get the desire. Other game modes around the forums allow you to start small, and grow in strength as you gain territory (I know, it’s very gamey, but people do ask for this).

    Occupying force in the south, you now invade (from sea) from the north in order to defeat them. In such kind of mission you need an increasing # of groups. Not gamey...

    @HeroesandvillainsOS @dev614 Just to be clear, you can exceed the initial group count by requesting reinforcements but for BCR’s, they’ll only replace based on the mission start group counts for each OPCOM.

    So what if we could define a "maximum # of groups per faction on map" group count? Or a factor "n times init group count"...
    IMO OPCOM should call the reinforcements a) until it reaches that number b) on a regular basis c) only as long as it needs it for its objectives/being the dominant force there and d) do it softly, i.e. check that there aren't too many groups at the reinforcement/insertion point.

  3. Thu Dec 7 15:11:37 2017

    @Friznit Battle casualty replacements only.

    OK, thanks!

  4. Thu Dec 7 05:11:53 2017


    let's say I have:

    a) a small HQ TAOR with only a few group spawns
    b) a huge TAOR with many objectives, but no group spawns, only objectives
    c) A big military logistics module reinforcements pool
    d) Military commander set to invade

    Will my military commander ask for more units in order to invade the big TAOR
    Does it only replace dead groups by living groups?

    Thank you

  5. Thu Dec 7 04:37:29 2017
    Tortuosit started the conversation ArmA stuck moments before task is assigned.

    Hi guys,

    I am using the C2ISTAR and auto tasking system in a SP environment. I am experiencing some heavy FPS drops to zero, i.e. ArmA is stuck for a moment and I have observed it happens maybe like 2 seconds before Alive assigns a new task for my BLUFOR faction. ArmA is stuck for about 3 seconds then.
    It's with the new Alive version as well.

    Anyone else experiencing this? I am on ArmA Devbranch.


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