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  1. 4 months ago
    Thu May 31 07:15:47 2018
    S spaxxow started the conversation No Gear.

    I used to not have a problem with the respawning of my ORBAT created units/faction but now it will not allow the respawning with my gear which is highly necessary and has forced my guys to start using the crew weapons only.

  2. Wed May 23 04:48:47 2018
    S spaxxow started the conversation How to prevent captured AI despawn?.

    So I use this mod to run a police mission but I commonly encounter the problem of after we arrest a perp via ACE we drive them back to the PD and they despawn. How do we prevent despawning of captured AI?

  3. 8 months ago
    Fri Feb 2 19:35:04 2018
    S spaxxow started the conversation Combat Tablet for Admin Only.

    How does one restrict the Combat Tablet to only the admin. My guys start generating their own missions and it's getting out of hand.

  4. Fri Feb 2 19:33:08 2018
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