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How It Works

ALiVE Player Logistics is a simple lift and shift system that allows player to move and place objects, load crates into cargo and tow vehicles. All objects and player vehicles are fully persisted in the ALiVE database when the Database Module is placed. It is distinct from the Commander's Logistics in Command & Control, which is an interface for player commanders to access the Military Logistics supply chain.

Usage: Logistics Support is ON by default. Use the ALiVE Player Options menu to Activate Logistics Actions, then simply walk up to an object and you will get a context sensitive Player Action to move or tow the object. Selecting 'Load' on a vehicle will automatically load up any objects within a 2m radius.

Logistics Actions can be temporarily enabled or disabled via the ALiVE menu. This will remove ALiVE Logistics from the action menu and is useful if you want to use an alternative Player Logistics mod whilst still benefiting from the ALiVE object and vehicles persistence. It can also help client performance slightly as the log routines are not running.

Mission editors can disable all or part of the Player Logistics system by placing the Player Logistics (Disable) module in the editor. Exclude selected objects from Player Logistics by syncing them to this module or adding the object init line this setvariable ["ALiVE_SYS_LOGISTICS_DISABLE",true].

Editor Notes

  1. Objects do not need to be named for logistics or persistence. ALiVE will detect any object spawned into the game at any point (it may take a few seconds to register). Objects are persisted when they are picked up or dropped, the inventory is closed or when the player disembarks.
  2. Objects placed in the editor are unique and once moved (and saved to the database) they will always be regenerated in their last saved location, even if you delete the original editor placed object. If you move or replace the an object in the editor, it will be treated as a new unique object.
  3. ALiVE Player Logistics uses DisableSimulationGlobal and HideObjectGlobal to simulate objects in cargo. Note that you cannot setpos on an object until simulation has been enabled again. Any Init lines will remain (e.g. for a custom ammo crate).
  4. Exclude selected objects from Player Logistics by syncing them to the Disable Logistics module or adding the object init line this setvariable ["ALiVE_SYS_LOGISTICS_DISABLE",true]

Mod Compatability

Note that you can disable ALIVE Player Logistics either with an editor module or in game using the interaction menu. However, any objects moved with a different system will not be persisted to the database.

Madbull posted this useful script addition for R3F Logistics on the BI Forums. It will save the object to the database when your release a movable object with R3F. Open R3F_LOG\objet_deplacable\relacher.sqf at line 12 and add:

[ALiVE_SYS_LOGISTICS,"updateObject",[R3F_LOG_joueur_deplace_objet]] call ALIVE_fnc_logistics;