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  1. 4 weeks ago
    Fri Jul 20 02:28:05 2018
    C cbff33 posted in Favorite Map for ALiVE?.

    And ai aircraft can now takeoff and pand at both airports

  2. Fri Jul 20 02:27:23 2018
    C cbff33 posted in Favorite Map for ALiVE?.

    Seagull if you set up lythium right...you can flood it with bad guys. It is fun

  3. 7 weeks ago
    Sat Jun 30 02:52:00 2018
    C cbff33 started the conversation Override ALiVE ORBAT Loadout.

    I am trying to use grizzlybear's delta force faction. us_army_delta_aor1. In setting up a MP mission, I modified loadouts in Arsenal. For each playable character, I ticked the Override alive ORBAT Loadout checkbox. When I go into mission, it is everyone back to their original loadouts. Can anyone else confirm a possible but with this option?

  4. Thu Jun 28 20:45:01 2018
    C cbff33 started the conversation Player Logistics Question.

    I am using a Delta Faction that has no helicopters in the faction. When I order supply or reinforcements it uses the default ghosthawk. I think I saw once, a way to change that to the helicopter you prefer, but I cannot find it now. How do I get the player logistics to use the RHS UH60 instead of the default ghosthawk?

  5. Thu Jun 28 17:36:08 2018
    C cbff33 posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    Is there an easy way to set up an arsenal for a faction I make?

  6. Thu Jun 28 17:33:02 2018
    C cbff33 posted in ORBATRON PBO Packing Error.

    What I have been finding, is that if you copy a faction, to make another faction, and then try to modify that copied faction further, by adding more units from yet another faction, I always run into errors. If I just make a faction from scratch, meaning copy from the faction I want to use, unit by unit, I can get it done without errors. It's horribly time consuming that way, but at least I have found success making modified factions.

  7. Thu Jun 28 05:02:06 2018
    C cbff33 posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    I wouldn't want to disable a whole force from VCOM. Just any AI under player control. It would be a horrible mismatch to have one force using VCOM and another one not using! There are way too many good features. I will contact the person who made VCOM and see if it would be possible to have it disable as you described, when under control of an active player.

  8. Thu Jun 28 00:17:18 2018
    C cbff33 posted in ORBATRON PBO Packing Error.

    Pretty scary we are not seeing responses to these ORBAT errors. I can't make a faction for squat without getting this similar error. Pretty much rendering the orbat module worthless.

  9. Thu Jun 28 00:13:36 2018
    C cbff33 posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    I used that script and the player combat support helos were still acting wonky.

    fatsquirrel, my issue is not random AI entering vehicles. My issue is with VCOM itself, commandeering the AI in my squad. As stated before, it is more than obvious when my 8 ai squad members rush to a vehicle, and then I hear 16 radio transmissions, roger, copy that, on my way. And I have not given my AI squad members any commands what so ever. So they are receiving commands from VCOM, but these AI are attached to me, but they won't actually carry out any orders from VCOM or me, but they do acknowledge orders were given.

    As stated previously, this may work well on a server. But it clearly is buggy beyond all get out with SP.

  10. Wed Jun 27 05:59:23 2018
    C cbff33 posted in ORBAT Trouble.

    I am getting a build failed message also. I wanted to add some helicopters to a faction I copied. All are throwing Undefined base class 'turrets' and all the typical cba eventhandlers base destroyed. Sort of getting tired of the whole Arma buggy AF crap.

    EDIT I am finding that ORBAT doesn't seem to play well with copied factions when I try to add other stuff to them. But I just made a test faction from scratch, without copying another faction. Very time consuming, but It made a working faction.

    My hats off to all the people who have made these insanely large factions. Definitely is a big project.

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