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  1. 2 days ago
    Tue Oct 16 16:18:15 2018
    C cbff33 posted in Arty trouble..

    V-com with Alive is troublesome at best.

  2. Tue Oct 16 16:16:38 2018

    Worse, because more often than not, your ground transport AI will never reach their destination.

  3. 3 days ago
    Tue Oct 16 01:24:05 2018

    Just remember that Arma3 AI are horrible at land navigating vehicles.

  4. 6 weeks ago
    Sat Sep 1 19:53:34 2018
    C cbff33 posted in New Map for Alive.

    That will be something I will test very hard when I get to it, making sure the AI can take off and land properly.

  5. Sat Sep 1 04:15:33 2018
    C cbff33 posted in A few ALiVE issues..

    I think what you describe with the first issue of exploding vehicles comes from the spawning of vehicles in bad spots... ie buildings on walls etc. I didn't think it was an issue on Altis, but I know on Lythium, I have to turn off spawn random vehicles.

  6. 7 weeks ago
    Thu Aug 30 03:29:49 2018
    C cbff33 posted in New Map for Alive.

    @SpyderBlack723 For airfields, don't use any hangars that are enclosed without proper room for fitting aircraft (A2 hangars can have this problem). Also make sure all of your hangars are oriented in the same direction (ie. don't place hangars backwards for "cheap diversity"...).

    I found a tutorial that explains how to set up runways and taxiways in TB. I think a lot of the problems I see with the airfields are various hangers and how they are placed in TB. I am not too familiar with what comes from A2 or A1. But I was thinking maybe a large tarmac with drive through hangers placed in such a way that they can be driven strait into after landing, and then for takeoff you just roll strait out. I want to set them up to where they work well not only for players, but for the AI too. Since the AI are not the greatest at taxiing.

  7. Thu Aug 30 00:07:51 2018
    C cbff33 posted in New Map for Alive.

    I have been reading up today on the Lythium forums. JBAD was incorporated into cup??


  8. Wed Aug 29 23:37:07 2018
    C cbff33 started the conversation New Map for Alive.

    I've been spending the last week and half working on how create Arma terrain. I want to make sure any map I make, works well with Alive. For those that might know, what are the best objects to use for placement on a map, that will work well with Alive. Structures, roads, runways, things like that. I am also going to try to focus on properly working airfields on the terrains. Any good input on what objects are best to use, let me know. Cup? Jbad? or any I don't know about.

    Also, my first map is just a 3DLT created terrain. I've looked into sat images, and and this point, above what I can do. But I finally have a larger terrain created. It should be the same size as Lythium. But more rugged. It's an open template as I have not decided to make it desert, or some other climate.

  9. Sat Aug 25 21:53:18 2018

    Did this get applied to the last update by chance. The amount of buildings that could be indexed never changed in the upgrade.

  10. 3 months ago
    Fri Jul 20 02:28:05 2018
    C cbff33 posted in Favorite Map for ALiVE?.

    And ai aircraft can now takeoff and pand at both airports

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