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  1. 4 months ago
    Wed Oct 9 00:51:48 2019

    Maybe you should by asking on the steam forum and the guy that makes those random mission generators. This is for Alive mod.

  2. 5 months ago
    Sun Sep 15 23:32:41 2019
    C cbff33 posted in Livonia Index.

    Supposedly it takes a number of months for BI to change from ebo to pbo on their new releases. Not sure how long, but it looks like maybe a year long wait for this to happen??

  3. Tue Aug 27 17:48:54 2019
    C cbff33 posted in Opcom installations.

    They will throw rocks at you...at least that much.

  4. 6 months ago
    Sun Aug 4 03:02:02 2019
    C cbff33 posted in CAS with planes.

    I think this aspect of Alive, fixed wing aircraft for CAS is buggy at best, but not at Alive's doing. I don't think many map creators have fully and properly setup their airports for the AI to use them properly, or the mapmakers make the airport with too many obstacles. The map makers should be setting stuff up in the config, as well as making taxi loops and all that good stuff, but I am sure many have skipped that process as it can be very difficult to do. Arma map making is not the easiest thing to do so people leave out a lot of proper steps on the more difficult tasks, and setting up the airports during map creation can be tricky at best if you don't have much experience with the process. Lythium map makers HORRIBLY screwed up their southern airport with all the concrete barriers along the runway, which that taxiing AI just cannot deal with. The planes always get hung up on the fixed objects place along the runway. The northern airport works pretty good with Alive and using fixed wing for CAS. I've never had much luck getting the takistan southern airport to work hardly at all with alive and the CAS and the AI.

  5. Sun Jul 21 15:51:11 2019
    C cbff33 posted in Blowing up Vehicles.

    This happens when the vehicles spawn on top of fixed objects within the map. It is extremely common.

  6. Sun Jul 21 04:59:54 2019
    C cbff33 posted in My units wont attack, help!?.

    The same thing is happening for me on the Lythium map. My insurgency no longer has either blu or opfor doing any attacking unless they just cross paths on patrols. The insurgency used to work great, but now nothing. same mods along with RHS and CFP

  7. last year
    Tue Jan 22 21:16:02 2019
    C cbff33 posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    @JD_Wang And yet there's so many people out there using it, creating tons of factions with little to no issues.

    I suggest instead of shitting all over the tool that's allowed so many people including myself to create custom factions, you wind your head in. Just because you can't get it to work that doesn't mean it's "broken" and "useless" and it sure as shit shouldn't be removed.

    In fact it all very much sounds like a you problem, and after that bullshit post it's a problem I certainly won't be helping you with and I doubt anyone else will be lining up to help you either.

    I wouldn't say tons of factions at all. And JD, you at no time have ever offered help, so don't even make that comment now. You wanna say bullshit...I say it right back to you. I've been trying to get it to work, and the only way it works, is to manually edit certain things to even get factions to stop crashing arma with event handlers. So, since over the last couple months of me seeking help, and you not stepping up one time to offer to help...keep your little opinion to yourself bubba.

  8. Mon Jan 21 19:46:06 2019
    C cbff33 posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    This orbat tool is a bad joke, the wiki for it is pretty darned outdated. The tutorial videos are from 2016, and following those to the letter does not work, and it seems to even get a faction to work, you still need to manually edit the code generated by the orbat tool. I for one would like to see this removed from Alive until such a time as it works as it should. If it worked as advertised, everybody and their uncle would be uploading factions to the workshop. Internet searches find nothing but complaints in regards to a wide multitude of errors people get trying to create a faction using this tool. And even this forum talks about how the wiki is wrong and so forth. And if one is able to get the orbat tool to work as advertised, I would love to see new tutorial videos, that actually show the faction created in those tutorials actually works in alive, without errors, and without needed manual coding. it's a waste of time having a module that only partially works, and that drags down the whole alive and arma experience.

  9. Sat Jan 12 23:02:03 2019
    C cbff33 posted in Problems indexing maps.

    @Chinook hello All, Does anyone have a Index map for NAM

    it is already indexed and included in the alive download. you just need to set up your alive modules on it and go.

  10. Mon Jan 7 22:25:29 2019
    C cbff33 started the conversation CUSTOM OBJECTIVE ?.

    I am creating a new mission on a popular map. The map has many comms towers and ports and other infrastructure locations. Before I get too far into this, I don't want most of these sites to be held by a specific faction, but I definitely want the AI commanders to know they are there for the taking. So would I identify these locations with the custom objective module, and just not name a faction? Just want to make sure, from someone who knows, just to verify what I have seen with a small test I did.

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