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    Thu Jun 7 02:18:42 2018

    @Dpatt711 I'm relatively new to AliVe and I just tried this index, it seems to work well except at the airport. It spawns HQs on the runways, and spawns Mi8s on fences (And they go boom). Is this an issue with my mods, or an issue with the index and v1.2?

    Many airports are not set up properly. From what I gather setting up an airport during map creation is not terribly easy. The creator of this map did say he was having some airport issues. I don't think the airport issues from various arma maps are due to alive. I have tested many airports on many different maps. Many times I have planes taxi to the end of the runway and then try to take off in the wrong direction and crash. When airports are not set up properly during map creation, I don't think Arma recognizes them as airports, and therefore Alive will place random stuff on the runways because it can't tell they are runways.

  2. 2 months ago
    Thu Apr 19 23:20:49 2018

    They are large maps, but they use a program to populate buildings randomly on the map. The result, considering they use photorealistic textures, makes for crappy scenery, no roads, or anything. I even went so far as to contact pmc in regards to being able to use their maps, and more accurately place buildings and roads and such resulted in a basic, build your own map from scratch. These maps could be stellar, but PMC is shooting themselves in the foot in regards to scenery placement, because it is ruining the maps IMO. I thought they would be eager to have someone do accurate roads and buildings and such, but they shot me down in one sentence. Oh well, their loss. Great potential that will go by the wayside.

  3. Wed Apr 4 04:46:23 2018
    C cbff33 posted in RHS M109 don't respond.

    Grizzlybear, you are correct. the rhs m109s have worked with alive in the past. Just a few months ago I had multiple working m109s set up in the alive combat support. But now I have same issue as you. They no longer work with alive. Maybe when RHS updates after tanks DLC they will work again I am hoping

  4. Wed Mar 28 02:02:02 2018

    Actually the object count in the indexer is the same as before. Will try one more time tonight. After that it will be a while as I will be on the road for a few weeks.

  5. Tue Mar 27 22:01:58 2018

    Ben just released v1.2 of this map, and said there would not be anything else to be modified, and to reindex. I reindexed the map update he just released, everything seems to process just fine like before, but the civ and mil cluster sqf files are not processing anything at all. DeWrp works as should, it gives me an opportunity to index the building, and that sqf is generated just fine, but the new index is not working. Here is his changelog for v1.2
    Added Airfield Config to Tembelan International Airport.
    Added Airfield Config to Primary Run way of Selatan Military Airbase.
    Added some enclosed compounds to the Resort Airfield.
    Added some objects to the front of the resort hotel.
    Added some objects to the house compounds in Lapangan Futsal Industrial
    Tweaked Satmap and mask in various areas.
    Removed a few errant rocks and bushes that were on roadways.

    I tested my original index on the 1.2 update, and it still works flawlessly. Can we run with this index on the next ALiVE update?

  6. 3 months ago
    Sat Mar 10 02:21:58 2018

    The spyder addon creates insurgents and animals, and civs within a certain range of your character, like that ambience mod that is out there. it will spawn vehicles, and put a suicide bomber driving it based on the percentage you set. You can set incognito clothing and such that you can wear to infiltrate the enemy better. I've been using spyders addon for the last couple weeks, and it is one of the best mods out there that compliment alive. They are very tweakable so that you may make a very unique setting for your mission. You will like it.

  7. Sat Mar 10 00:42:42 2018

    using vanilla factions, I placed down a couple markers, blufor, opfor, and civ alive modules, and it's definitely working on my end.

  8. Fri Mar 9 23:55:44 2018

    My AI commander has spawned aircraft at the main military airport with no exploding aircraft!

  9. Fri Mar 9 23:32:51 2018

    I posted it in the mission template forum.

  10. Fri Mar 9 23:32:24 2018
    C cbff33 started the conversation Complete index of Tembelan Island.


    Hope this works! My indexing baptism by fire.

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