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  1. 5 days ago
    Sun Dec 9 18:29:51 2018
    C cbff33 posted in IED Woes.

    maybe they are wearing the vest as a fashion statement??

  2. last week
    Sat Dec 8 06:55:34 2018
    C cbff33 posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    it's just a small test faction there, to see what the heck I am missing in all this. Not sure how I am missing anything though. If I can get the orbat to work, I want to create my own faction for my server, changing the loadouts and everything. It get's tedious doing that individually in each and every mission I make for my server.

  3. Sat Dec 8 04:47:43 2018
    C cbff33 started the conversation Tembelan X file.

    I have run this index again for quite a while, and it seems to be working well. Would like to see it added to Alive on the next update.


  4. Sat Dec 8 04:25:02 2018
    C cbff33 posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    @Nichols @cbff33 Would you be willing to link me the factions you are wanting to make in a file along with your existing files and maybe I can take a look at it and see what might be the problem? AND maybe help overcome that same problem?

    I am far from an expert on it but I have dealt with some pretty hard bugs in making factions and have overcome them....99% of the time and I am extremely OCD when it comes to getting it just right; so I completely understand but I am willing to give a hand if at all possible.



  5. 2 weeks ago
    Sun Nov 25 17:59:43 2018
    C cbff33 posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    done with this. even copying a faction into a new faction..nothing but turret errors and all kinds of other crap. This is some buggy stuff right here. I've reached my arma bug burnout for the decade.

  6. Sun Nov 25 15:42:51 2018
    C cbff33 posted in IED Woes.

    I don't think you need to sync it. I use it and don't sync it. There is nothing quite like a civilian walking around and all of a sudden he starts beeping as he approaches you. I also came upon a randomly spawned civilian vehicle one time, and I did not clear the vehicle. I just thought I would jump in and use it with my small team. as soon as I got in the vehicle, the ied went off and killed me. I have not really seen people driving cars that are set to explode. But I have got that to happen using Spyder's addons. Using Spyder's addons really compliments alive very well, and can make things very dangerous

  7. Sun Nov 25 05:25:32 2018
    C cbff33 posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    I have tried using vanilla nato, and rhs usarmy d. same errors with any and all factions that I use vanilla or not. There is not a single video tutorial, that actually shows the new faction being packed into a pbo, and then showing that it works in Arma. Not even spyders videos dated from 2016. I follow his directions to the letter, and everything goes just like it should. until I start arma with the faction I created using his directions, then it just crashes and I have to eliminate the faction altogether just to get arma working again. I am beginning to believe that the ORBAT creator is rather buggy and that the failures people experience with using it, far outweigh the successes seen from using it. The bugginess of the various arma things in general has nearly brought me to burnout due to buggy. Almost nothing works like it should, unless you just go with a very basic gameplay.

  8. Sun Nov 25 03:55:12 2018
    C cbff33 posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    And it doesn't matter what I do. I can straight up copy an existing faction and create a new faction and not modify anything other than copying a faction into a new faction, and still get error messages like this. And line 44 when I looked at it, was weapon info for that soldier. This is the crap that has me just about done and burnt out on Arma. Follow directions to a T, and still can't get things to work. And not just with this but with pretty much everything in regards to creating stuff for Arma. It is beyond frustrating.

  9. Sun Nov 25 03:49:23 2018
    C cbff33 posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    File test\autogen.hpp, line44: /CfgVehicles/BRR_OFFICER_01.EventHandlers:Undefined base class 'EventHandlers'

  10. Sat Nov 24 22:46:28 2018
    C cbff33 posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    also, I just cannot get this to work. I am creating a new faction, using nato soldiers, but am completely changing their loadout. Everything in the autogen and cfg patches looks like it's taking, and when I pbo the faction and add it to my arma, arma crashes on startup with an error relating to the newly created faction. All the instructional vids, exclude a visualization of this part of the process, to include showing the startup of arma and the faction working. Is it just me, or is this part of the process the problem child of this whole process?

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