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  1. 6 months ago
    Tue Jul 24 23:16:10 2018

    Never mind. I'm still having the issue of the server freezing. At first it seemed to work although sometimes it'd still freeze, but after saving my game and reloading it the server freezes. I can attach an RPT in a few days.

  2. Sun Jul 22 00:25:30 2018

    Hi, I had this same issue but I fixed it after disabling all of the CUP-ACE3 compatibility addon mods

  3. 9 months ago
    Sat May 5 14:57:11 2018
    D deimer posted in Mission not saving.

    @JohnHenry @Shamorshin

    Can you provide some clarification on this?

    I am running an Alive insurgency on Lythium and am running into saving issues. I am using ACE, VCOM, and RHS.

    After I made the mission I started it up on a local dedicated server for a quick test and had no problem. After fooling around for 15 minutes I was able to use "Server Save & Exit" and everything went normal.

    When I rejoined the mission, persistence was working normally. After playing for a few hours I tried to "Server Save & Exit." The tablet was showing that it was stuck on "ALiVE Persistence - Saving Data...Please Wait."

    I have the 2.94 VCOM AI script folder and init.sqf in my mission folder. Is there something else I need to do to apply the fix you describe?

    Make sure you're using the latest VCOM from their github.

  4. Thu May 3 16:36:43 2018
    D deimer posted in Mission not saving.

    Thank you very much. If it works, the fix includes the VCOM issue? Or is that something separate?

  5. Wed May 2 00:53:43 2018

    This is the latest Nremik Clafghan map, and I also noticed this on Al Rayak. Could it be from just these 2 maps? I think I've only noticed this issue when using ALiVE.

  6. Tue May 1 23:50:28 2018
    D deimer started the conversation Strange blue line on maps&rejoin issue.

    Ever since I made my first insurgency mission on Al Rayak, I've seen this strange blue line on the horizon that will stay there on certain playthroughs. Usually I can fix it when I rejoin, but rejoining isn't ideal because after getting into a combat support vehicle I do not see the talk to pilot option anymore.

    I at first thought the blue line issue was from Al Rayak's strange lighting, but now that I've made an insurgency mission on Clafghan I notice it too occasionally. Not a major issue, but can be annoying as the higher I go in the map the bigger it gets. Here's a screenshot of the blue line.


  7. Mon Apr 30 16:06:24 2018
    D deimer posted in Mission not saving.

    Used that github VCOM script fix and it works perfectly.

    For the other saving issues, ive always used local saving and never had a problem. You could try that instead of cloud maybe for it to work.

  8. Sun Apr 29 22:10:52 2018
    D deimer posted in Mission not saving.

    Am i able to use the debug command to save to be able to keep on using VCOM?

  9. Sun Apr 29 19:56:29 2018
    D deimer posted in Mission not saving.

    Thanks, VCOM was the problem. Guess ill need to find an older version.

  10. Sun Apr 29 18:53:25 2018
    D deimer started the conversation Mission not saving.

    Running an insurgency mission on Clafghan with some friends, everything working fine up until I press server save and exit as admin. When I save on singleplayer mode, everything saves and works fine. When I save on the server, for other players it shows that it saved but for me nothing happens and the players freeze.

    I'm using local persistence mode and have set up everything correctly as I can see. I did another insurgency mission before on Al Rayak and everything worked fine. The only new mod I am using is VCOM AI and Ive just turned ace advanced medical on. Any help would be appreciated. Could it be the respawning messing with saving, as that's only in multiplayer?

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