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    Mon Apr 30 16:06:24 2018
    D deimer posted in Mission not saving.

    Used that github VCOM script fix and it works perfectly.

    For the other saving issues, ive always used local saving and never had a problem. You could try that instead of cloud maybe for it to work.

  2. Sun Apr 29 22:10:52 2018
    D deimer posted in Mission not saving.

    Am i able to use the debug command to save to be able to keep on using VCOM?

  3. Sun Apr 29 19:56:29 2018
    D deimer posted in Mission not saving.

    Thanks, VCOM was the problem. Guess ill need to find an older version.

  4. Sun Apr 29 18:53:25 2018
    D deimer started the conversation Mission not saving.

    Running an insurgency mission on Clafghan with some friends, everything working fine up until I press server save and exit as admin. When I save on singleplayer mode, everything saves and works fine. When I save on the server, for other players it shows that it saved but for me nothing happens and the players freeze.

    I'm using local persistence mode and have set up everything correctly as I can see. I did another insurgency mission before on Al Rayak and everything worked fine. The only new mod I am using is VCOM AI and Ive just turned ace advanced medical on. Any help would be appreciated. Could it be the respawning messing with saving, as that's only in multiplayer?

  5. Wed Mar 21 16:29:43 2018

    That must be what's happening to me then.

  6. Wed Mar 21 16:29:30 2018

    That must be what's happening to me then.

  7. Mon Mar 19 16:22:18 2018

    I'll try and record it, but is it common for armed civilians to shoot any other civilian terrorists or enemy insurgents?

  8. Sun Mar 18 18:15:34 2018

    Sorry for the late response. I'm still trying to figure out what happens, but I got a screenshot of the aftermath and I'll try and explain it better this time.
    Usually when we spawn in a town and start playing again, or come back to a town, we'll hear many shots from part of the town when no other friendlies are around. We'll head over and almost always find an enemy insurgent standing over another enemy insurgents body, or the alive insurgent will try and move away. Same thing happened again last night, and this time the alive insurgent was standing over the dead ones body and it looked like he was accessing his inventory until we shot him. We heard many, many shots go off and even a grenade.

    I did though last night go into spectator mode when I heard many shots. This time it was a civilian terrorist heading towards us, but he would shoot random shots occasionally (when we were out of sight) almost to make himself known. I don't know if this is their intended behavior and when they do this they acidentally shoot their friend, causing him to shoot back. I'll keep trying to find out what is happening.

  9. Tue Mar 13 22:20:40 2018

    Did it and I dont see any issues. Although I am having this happen:
    We will hear gunshots in a town that keep going until we kill the guy. When we head over, we will see 1 dead insurgent guy ususlly and another with a gun. This has happened to us twice now. Is this something intentional?

  10. Tue Mar 13 16:44:37 2018

    Would editing the military logistics module mid save game be an issue as well? I know I cant add a custom objective but ill at least reduce the force pool and change to static like you said.

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