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    Tue Jan 22 16:51:43 2019

    So it seems that everyone persists except me after server save and exit. Is this supposed to happen or is there a fix?

  2. Tue Jan 22 16:26:04 2019

    I'm currently having issues with persistence with alive missions on a dedicated server. It seems that after server save and exit, everything persists except the players. It has worked once when I first added in respawnonstart=-1 and seems to have stopped working after adding the latest update to the server.

    The error ALiVE Extension (ALiVEPlugIn) Error: ['{"error":"not_found","reason":"missing"} seems to always appear as well

    Anyone having this issue or can help?

  3. 8 months ago
    Fri May 11 12:58:53 2018
    D digitalrebel posted in The role of Zeus in Alive.

    AuTigerGrad, that exactly what I was thinking, I like the combination of VCOM and Alive. However trying to get the Zeus to not spawn loads of units in an insurgency campaign is proving to be difficult. EG. Last night was our first trip into Isla Duala and more importantly in the friendly and pretty safe area of Afrene. (I've taken inspiration from your Deadly Shadows campaign I hope you don't mind) on our way south we came into contact with a bunch of insurgents. Now obviously the way I have had it set up, its a slow burn, lots of patrolling, intel gathering and general COIN stuff.

    Basically I'm trying to keep zeus entertained as well as keeping things dynamic and actually follow a narrative.

  4. Tue May 8 10:52:23 2018
    D digitalrebel posted in The role of Zeus in Alive.

    So you guys have alive running in the background? and Zeus actually creating the narrative? I'd like everything to be fairly fluid and the commander actually making decisions based on sitreps which have been given during the evening.

  5. Mon May 7 09:59:56 2018
    D digitalrebel posted in Editing my factions after creation.

    I recently edited a faction to add african faces to an RHS un mod. You can edit that mod you already have then export the autogen and cfgpatches. Then just replace them in the PBO.

  6. Mon May 7 09:27:24 2018
    D digitalrebel started the conversation The role of Zeus in Alive.

    Ive been playing around with alive for a while now and in the previous campaign i ran with my unit i came uo against someone who wanted more scripted missions such as convoy support, search and rescue etc.

    How do you guys get around this?

    Secondly do you find a role for zeus in Alive missions? I always find they just screw up what the AI commander has planned.

  7. 10 months ago
    Tue Mar 20 22:42:15 2018
    D digitalrebel posted in Pausing and unpausing friendly opcom.

    I may have jumped the gun slightly with my ability to script. How exactly would I go about setting this up and calling it via a trigger? Also is it possible to just set it up to work with just one faction rather than both opcom?

  8. Tue Mar 20 20:45:44 2018
    D digitalrebel posted in Pausing and unpausing friendly opcom.

    Nice! I'll give it a go!

  9. Tue Mar 20 16:47:33 2018
    D digitalrebel started the conversation Pausing and unpausing friendly opcom.

    Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions, firstly relating to my units upcoming campaign. We will first of all be acting as a guerilla style unit destroying a bunch of objectives I have set up. Once this is done, the idea will be to stage a full scale assault of Altis including Air power, infantry and armour. In your opinions what would be the best way to achieve this? Two separate missions? or one mission? If we were to use one mission file, how would this be set up to delay the invasion?

    Ideally as well, destroying a convoy would be something I'd like to set up, would i need to script this? I'm guessing yes but I thought I'd check.

    I'm also getting an error of 'too many virtual memory blocks requested'. I have a feeling that this is to do with the number of mods we are running however if anyone has come across this. I'd like to know if there is a solution. It happens when i get into zeus and lots of the virtual ai spawn.

    Finally, if i am running a mission file on the server can I make changes to the mission then re upload and carry on persistence as before?

  10. Tue Mar 20 16:25:59 2018
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