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    Wed May 20 16:59:48 2020
    D digitalrebel posted in Moving front line.

    Hey @arismagic yeah i figured that the asymetric wouldnt work so was looking at occupation. and setting up specific objectives from the front line to the rear. I can add an asymetric one who will just ambush and act as more of a guerilla force as well which will be cool, especially is we dont have civilians.

    Would I need to connect both opcoms in order to have this front line be recaptured etc or can I just fly troops in and they capture it. Ideally I want players to be capturing all of the objectives and not the AI doing it as seems to happen a lot.


  2. Thu Jan 16 19:59:18 2020
    D digitalrebel started the conversation Moving front line.

    Hey all I have an idea for a mission involving one force trying to push through objectives (maybe a valley) which is being heavily defended by OPFOR. Our mission as players would be to support the effort of the attackers to clear the valley through air support, artillery bombardment and generally being badass from afar.

    I'd just like a bit of advice as this is what i have so far.

    OPFOR Commander linked to 6 custom objectives with priority going from 600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100. all with about 5 opfor groups in. all are linkedin to both opfor and blufor and blufor are based nearest the 600 (front line)

    I'm hoping by doing this that my opfor will defend an objective then fall back to the last one when its lost and blufor will move to capture each of them in order of priority. Is this the case?

    Ideally I'd like the opcom to be asymetric as i love the way they behave by ambushing and using ieds which the occupation or invasion don't seem to, unless i missed something

  3. 2 years ago
    Fri Sep 13 11:11:52 2019
    D digitalrebel started the conversation Civilians not spawning on icebreakr maps.

    Anyone else have this issue? I've recently picked back up a mission on Isla Duala which used to have tonnes of civilians around.

    Suddenly it doesn't, debug shows them and they even spawn as crowds when i walk somewhere but there are no ambient civilians at all.

    I tried lingor as well and this happened until i found a reindex of the map which seems to have fixed it.

  4. Fri Aug 16 10:31:37 2019
    D digitalrebel started the conversation Capturing opcom areas.

    Hey all, if my blufor opcom dont know about the opfor objectives, is it still possible to capture them? I've seen a few times where intel has been create on the map with a green reserve box and installation.

    An example would be for an insurgency, my team move into an area and take it from the enemy, destroy the recruitment hq or whatever and eliminate the enemy threat. Firstly, I always see an attack coming in from somewhere else which is pretty cool, so then we bring in a helo of AI logistics to reinforce or static defence. Will it ever become reserved by blufor? or when we leave the area and server it automatically becomes occupied by opfor again?

  5. Thu Aug 15 16:36:04 2019
    D digitalrebel started the conversation Opcom installations.

    For those building insurgency missions, do civilians actually get recruited/ people gather weapons, or pick up ied equipment at the relevant depots or are they just there for show?

    I'd love to actually see the civilians take up arms against us but they seem to just live near the recruitment depots.

    Also, do civilians arm themselves and randomly pull weapons on you when you are at high hostility? I'm sure Ive seen it but want to make sure.

  6. Sun Feb 10 15:01:18 2019

    Thanks guys!

  7. Tue Jan 29 11:30:28 2019

    Fair enough, maybe just the random spawn will have to do then!

  8. Mon Jan 28 11:34:34 2019
    D digitalrebel started the conversation Finding if a particular profiled unit is alive.

    Hi guys, I'm making an operation where the players are looking for intel on a particular HVT, this person will have a random start and I'd like for him to be profiled so he takes part in the overall enemy opcoms plan. To identify this person I have a trigger that when he dies (!alive) a wallet spawns next to him with a hint saying id belongs to (insert name here).

    The problem is that if I profile him then kill him, the wallet doesn't spawn, I'm guessing this is because he is technically not alive until he actually spawns.

    Any way I can detect whether he is alive when he is profiled but not actually spawned?

  9. Mon Jan 28 11:28:07 2019

    That doesn't seem to work however I have found a good workaround. If you connect the opcom module for your friendly side to the enemy placement modules then it finds all of the objectives. If you dont place friendly placement modules, then friendlies won't be placed and won't therefore move to attack positions however OPCOM will still target them, you can then secure areas, they then go blue in C2Istar and are secured. Then bring in your Merlin with Squaddies and they will hold the area.

  10. Fri Jan 25 13:14:01 2019

    nice one thanks will give it a go!

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