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    Tue Jun 19 21:03:27 2018

    Alt-G to bring up the Splendid Config Viewer in the editor. The entries are in CfgGroups, e.g.

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    Tue Jun 19 15:45:41 2018
    V vihkr posted in Multiple insurgencies?.


  3. Tue Jun 19 15:43:08 2018
    V vihkr posted in Units spawning outside the map.

    Bumping this one. I have units spawning outside of markers.

    Bonus: I have non-boat units spawning in water.

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    Fri Jun 15 04:58:04 2018
    V vihkr posted in unsung compatibility? (SOLVED).

    Cool, post your factions after you get them to work with ORBAT, will ya?

  5. Fri Jun 15 04:56:31 2018

    Does this work for Military Objectives module as well (I guess I will try it and find out)?

    I believe so.

    I'm using a map with only two military bases, both blufor

    I have the same problem on CUP Chernarus. There aren't enough military installations for the 3 factions that I have and I've been trying to use Custom Objectives and that's when I discovered the issue. I've been trying both "miltary" and HQ compositions in series, trying to figure out which ones will spawn consistently and qualify as an HQ in this case. Any luck on your side?

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    Tue Jun 12 13:54:18 2018
    V vihkr started the conversation Big MACC Madness!.

    When manually adding air units and syncing to MACC, is there any way to alter their behaviour so they don't immediately take off for CAP?

    Follow on question: what about helicopter units? When manually added and synced to MACC, will they eventually take-off and fly a mission?

    In both cases, should you add empty aircraft units or add them with crews (and link them to MACC)?

  9. Tue Jun 12 13:50:01 2018
    V vihkr started the conversation Krasnostav Airstrip CUP Chernarus and MACC.

    MACC will not place aircraft units in the hangars at the northeast airfield on CUP Chernarus. It identifies the air traffic control tower as an HQ, but that's it. If I add faction correct aircraft units near the airstrip and sync them to MACC, they will immediately taxi and takeoff for CAP.

    Anybody had luck with this terrain and airstrip?

  10. Mon Jun 11 21:31:48 2018

    Lessons learned after banging my head against the wall all day.

    1. When placing an HQ, you can only use very specific military HQ buildings, like "Headquarters_BLU_F". A full list of allowable HQ buildings would be helpful here. Otherwise it errors with a "Warning no HQ" and won't spawn shit.
    2. If you don't include motorized, mechanized or armoured groups, it won't spawn any infantry groups or special operations groups.
    3. Vehicles spawn in retarded locations like on top of empty building assets and explode.
    4. Splendid config Viewer is now Alt-G [not Ctrl-G]
    5. ZEC classNames are in CfgGroups and are not labelled "ZEC". You can get them from the game log or the ZEC GitHub at https://github.com/LISTINGS09/ZEC/tree/master/zec/zec
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