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    Mon Oct 22 15:51:30 2018

    Hi all! So, I'm editing my ALiVE scenario, which is meant to be played between specific game sessions, meaning it will be a 24/7 scenario on my server. Now, I'm 99.9% percent sure I've seen somewhere (I HAVE NO GOD DAMN IDEA WHERE I SAW IT) an option to pause the simulation of the AI when everyone quits (while having persistent = 1; in server.cfg, so that the mission won't shut down, but the AI is put on hold). The reason I want it is because, as far as I know, only a logged in admin can save ALiVE progress while quitting the mission (so if it shuts down automatically with persistent = 0; it won't save and if I leave persistent = 1; without pausing the AI simulation the war will continue without players on the server). Any idea where I've seen those options? There were like 3 of them, split between AI simulation and some other simulation (?) or something like that. Obviously they might not have been ALiVE options after all, but I'm sure I've seen them somewhere.

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    Sat Sep 22 16:44:20 2018

    I've come to a conclusion it's RHS USAF's problem. If I use any vanilla assets it works fine. If I use AFRF assets it works fine. Now the best part: if I use Project OPFOR's assets like Humvee, which is the same model as RHS's Humvee (even the textures are applicable to both humvees) IT STILL WORKS FINE! But if I use RHS USAF's Humvee it gives me the error. Any workaround for this?

  3. Sat Sep 22 14:03:48 2018

    Hi! I've seen this problem in many threads in here, but haven't found a solution. So I created a faction based on Project OPFOR's PMC (copied the PMC faction), added some vehicles from RHS USAF, gave them crew, then made some AI groups.

    When I try to pack the addons I get this error:

    Build failed. Result code=1
    CfgConvert task failed.
    File D:\Pulpit\@pmcenhanced\addons\i_pmce\autogen.hpp, line 2110: /CfgVehicles/I_PMCE_UG_60M.Turrets: Undefined base class 'Turrets'
    Config: some input after EndOfFile.
    Error reading config file 'D:\Pulpit\@pmcenhanced\addons\i_pmce\config.cpp'
    Class CBA_Extended_Eventhandlers_base destroyed with lock count 23
    Class  destroyed with lock count 1

    Now, I'm no expert in coding, but I've scrolled up and the class is definitely defined there:

    class RHS_UH60M;
        class RHS_UH60M_OCimport_01 : RHS_UH60M { scope = 0; class EventHandlers; class Turrets; };
        class RHS_UH60M_OCimport_02 : RHS_UH60M_OCimport_01 { 
            class EventHandlers; 
            class Turrets : Turrets {
                class CopilotTurret;
                class MainTurret;
                class RightDoorGun;
                class CargoTurret_01;
                class CargoTurret_02;
                class CargoTurret_03;
                class CargoTurret_04;

    And here's my added unit, to which the error points:

    class I_PMCE_UH_60M : RHS_UH60M {
            author = "MCPO Joe Graves";
            scope = 0;
            scopeCurator = 2;
            displayName = "UH-60M";
            side = 2;
            faction = "I_PMCE";
            crew = "I_PMCE_Pilot_01";
            class Turrets : Turrets {
                class CopilotTurret : CopilotTurret { gunnerType = "I_PMCE_Pilot_01"; };
                class MainTurret : MainTurret { gunnerType = "rhsusf_army_ucp_helicrew"; };
                class RightDoorGun : RightDoorGun { gunnerType = "I_PMCE_Pilot_01"; };
                class CargoTurret_01 : CargoTurret_01 { gunnerType = ""; };
                class CargoTurret_02 : CargoTurret_02 { gunnerType = ""; };
                class CargoTurret_03 : CargoTurret_03 { gunnerType = ""; };
                class CargoTurret_04 : CargoTurret_04 { gunnerType = ""; };
            class EventHandlers : EventHandlers {
                class CBA_Extended_EventHandlers : CBA_Extended_EventHandlers_base {};
                class ALiVE_orbatCreator {
                    init = "if (local (_this select 0)) then {_onSpawn = {sleep 0.3; _unit = _this select 0;};_this spawn _onSpawn;(_this select 0) addMPEventHandler ['MPRespawn', _onSpawn];};";
            // custom attributes (do not delete)
            ALiVE_orbatCreator_owned = 1;

    The same error appears for any RHSUSAF vehicle I've added, which has firing slots (defined by Turrets class), including those vehicles which are a part of Project OPFOR (based on RHS); ex. Humvees.

    So what did I miss?

    @EDIT I've just tried to export RHS US Army Desert and it gives the same error! What the hell am I doing wrong?
    Also, wiki isn't quite up-to-date, which option should I use - Full Faction or Full Faction (To File) and what's the difference?

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