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    Wed Feb 6 00:32:01 2019
    S SirjiminyCricket posted in Civilian placement trouble. (SOLVED).

    huh... Your first suggestion worked... Weird how it's all considered a low priority objective.
    Well Thank you for your help.

  2. Tue Feb 5 22:44:12 2019
    S SirjiminyCricket started the conversation Civilian placement trouble. (SOLVED).

    Alright... I have spent hours trying to get this to working looking everywhere I can find and getting no results. I don't know what I am doing wrong.

    ALL I want, is for there to be ambient civilians doing their thing while my mission happens.

    Here is the Area I am trying to cover. Please ignore the red circles, those are all unrelated. The grey area is what is called in the TOAR its named CIV_TOAR


    Here is the settings I have for both the civilian modules...



    And no matter what I change I keep getting this error.


    I have made the circle only cover Athira, and I get the error. I have no TOAR and get the error. Is there something obvious I am missing. I don't want any military units placed just civilian.

  3. Tue Feb 5 22:30:37 2019
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