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    Fri May 15 13:00:52 2020
    K KiloRomeo started the conversation multiple factions in description.ext.

    Hey everyone,

    so i did a bit of a search and whilst I understand it is possible to have multiple custom factions in a description.ext

    I havent quite figured out how exactly this works, if anyone is able to point in the direction of a guide or break it down that would be greatly appreciated.

    THANKS !

  2. Sun May 10 09:17:52 2020
    K KiloRomeo posted in Civilian TAOR drama.

    @DrDetroit you managed to blacklist the airbases !?

    Didnt work for myself, able to share a picture of the editor to see what markers youre placing ?

    it would be much appreciated as I still get civ spawns all over the airbases especially "isaf HQ"

    bloody taliban infiltrators :D

  3. Sun May 10 09:15:59 2020
    K KiloRomeo posted in Civilian TAOR drama.

    @JD_Wang, thanks for bringing this to my attention, didnt realise its an alive issue, thought i was being dumb :D. Youre right, its not the end of the world having "civ contractors" about, although its annoying when theyre walking around over the runway of a US military airbase :D

    I did a bit more searching last night and saw a few posts about Lythium, I believe it was yourself (apologies if its a case of mistaken identity) that was saying Lythium just doesnt really work for alive insurgency.

    Do you still feel this is the case ?

  4. Sat May 9 15:58:19 2020
    K KiloRomeo started the conversation Civilian TAOR drama.

    Hi there, hope you can help me out as I cant tell what I'm doing wrong

    Playing on Lythium and didnt want civ pop to be spawning inside "military areas"

    So I put down markers over the relevant bases and blacklisted them in the Civ Placement module

    As you can see from the screenshots, this hasnt worked.


    What am I doing so wrong ?

    Any help is greatly appreciated


  5. Wed Apr 29 11:59:04 2020
    K KiloRomeo posted in Hearts and Minds.

    anyone had any luck with arismagics script ?

  6. Sun Apr 26 19:43:51 2020
    K KiloRomeo posted in Hearts and Minds.

    @arismagic hey dude,

    sorry for taking so long to get back to you, havent been on arma for a while so hadnt had a chance to try this out.

    tried to get the mission working and was having issues,

    are you able to do a demo mission ?

    nothing fancy, just barebone vanilla so i can have a look at how you got it to work !

    Cheers pal

  7. Tue Apr 7 11:02:18 2020
    K KiloRomeo posted in Hearts and Minds.


    Awesome work buddy, gonna try it out and let you know how I get on.

    Im not much of an arma script pro (if anything im a complete noob) but just reading over the README; it seems like you have the framework to expand e.g

    Swap out -doctor- for -Supplies- and deliver said supplies to X location to gain positive influence...

    Is that something youre looking at doing ?

    Thanks again :D

  8. Thu Mar 12 09:46:35 2020
    K KiloRomeo posted in Hearts and Minds.

    thanks for the reply,

    I had never heard of WLA so thanks for making me aware of the mod, I will have a look but it seems to be a dead mod and people have been saying the scripts no longer work.

    Its a great shame that nothing has been implemented on Alive yet as it would seem all the foundations are there.

    Thanks anyway

  9. Tue Mar 10 12:22:44 2020
    K KiloRomeo started the conversation Hearts and Minds.


    Was making a Counter Insurgency campaign and wanted to implement a way of reducing civilian hostility by accomplishing non military tasks ( delivering aid ect) aka winning the Hearts and Minds of the populous

    I've trawled through the forum and seen a few posts discussing the idea but wanted to know if there has been any updates or if anyone has come up with a script ?

    Certainly would make missions more interesting than just nuke terrorists and destroy installations :D

    Many thanks

  10. 4 years ago
    Sun Feb 24 17:44:06 2019
    K KiloRomeo posted in Virtual Artillery....lets converse .

    Well, although thats disappointing, I do appreciate you taking the time to reply,

    Ill keep my fingers crossed that this issue will be solved one day :D

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