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  1. 4 weeks ago
    Sat Feb 23 15:50:38 2019

    Nope, still on the (long) wish list to develop One Day™

  2. 2 months ago
    Mon Jan 7 22:37:23 2019
    Friznit posted in CUSTOM OBJECTIVE ?.

    You can stick a Civ Placement module down set to Objectives Only and add a TAOR marker covering those areas, then sync them up to the AI Commander(s). That makes them available as objectives without spawning AI there. It's what the Objectives Only option was made for :)

  3. Wed Jan 2 20:55:54 2019

    OPCOM does nothing different. The only variation is on the rarity of the spawns. The profiles are (should be) balanced vs vanilla factions so you get a reasonably combined arms mix depending on the weighting you choose in the module settings. For example, Light Infantry predominantly spawns dismounted inf, but as in reality they rarely operated completely unsupported, so you will still get some HQ units, a few offensive support (MG, AT, Mortars, Sniper groups etc), and maybe a little armour as well. If I recall right, the rarity values for a Light Inf weighting are something like 0.8 for inf groups, 0.5 for support, 0.2 for SF/Sniper/armour/air. Obviously switched around if you select armoured weighting.

    The AI Comd Enhancement feature (Ticket #6 on github) was intended to use different groups in a more meaningful way but this never got implemented.

    To answer your last question specifically - yes, you could.

  4. 3 months ago
    Sat Dec 22 10:57:05 2018

    Two things here:

    1. Clusters of buildings - Civs spawn in the cluster of buildings nearest the player. This is so you can have a higher density of civs in the local area, and not fill up the whole city with civs that the player can't see. Civs in the cluster despawn and the new cluster spawns as you move through town (same way CQB works). At least that should be happening. Have you tried moving through town in a vehicle rather than looking at it from Zeus perspective?

    2. Civ placement within the cluster - pretty sure this is as you say, in that the script cycles through available spawn points and places a civ. It's not so much an array of positions but the buildings themselves (and therefore spawn locations) are obviously static. That's initial spawn only though, and civs will move around. It may be possible to inject a little randomisation BUT...if you returned to the cluster 5 minutes after leaving it, all the civs would be in a different place, which might be a bit weird if you're patrolling on foot.

  5. Sat Dec 22 10:46:21 2018

    Works off players only.

  6. Fri Dec 21 23:37:20 2018

    The limits imposed on ALiVE civs are primarily for performance reasons, both in terms of numbers of AI spawned and the script cycle to minimise overheads. I wonder if it would be possible to use something like Enigma as well - it would provide the numbers, whilst ALiVE provides the funk with the insurgents.

  7. 4 months ago
    Sat Nov 24 10:23:27 2018

    Pretty much correct! The other way of course is to only have one objective in the marker zone for the OPFOR to attack

  8. 5 months ago
    Wed Oct 17 20:49:02 2018

    Ctrl Right Click to delete the markers. Briefing entries cannot be deleted.

  9. Mon Sep 24 22:13:27 2018

    Military Logistics already has convoys. If the enemy AI Comd has a finite force pool set in the Log module, then ambushing the convoys will eventually reduce his battle casualty replacements to zero. No more BCRs makes the war easier to win. This is one of the key features of ALiVE - you can effect the outcome without directly engaging front line troops. It's the closest we could get to enabling a manoeuverist approach to warfare in a sim that doesn't take into account the human element of fighting power and the AI's "will to fight".

    Finding the convoys takes a bit of intelligence work - you need to figure out the location of the enemy logistics base and forward edge of the battle area (FEBA) then recce potential routes between the two, lay an ambush...and wait.

    For my part, I always wanted a more sophisticated operational layer to ArmA. Most computer games focus on either grand strategy or the tactical layer. Very few simulate what it takes to sustain a modern combat force on operations.

  10. 6 months ago
    Thu Sep 13 21:38:07 2018

    Set profiling behaviour in the Virtual AI module then sync / don't sync the planes to the module depending on the setting.

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