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    Thu Nov 23 12:38:29 2017
    F Friznit posted in Combat support lights.


    Custom pylon loadouts aren't supported for virtualised units yet. It'll requires a fairly hefty change to the profile code.

    Combat Support units will retain custom pylon loadouts for manually placed aircraft in the next release.

  2. 3 days ago
    Mon Nov 20 10:52:52 2017
    F Friznit posted in Scheduled saving or save on exit.

    It's on here: http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Persistence

    I imagine with some BIS sort of server side (player !=player) trickery you could run a script that saves the game when nobody is around.

    Pausing ALiVE when players aren't on the server is an option in the modules already.

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    Tue Nov 14 20:21:05 2017

    This is relevant to the discussion: http://alivemod.com/forum/3230-auto-tasks-suggestion-and-others-doubts/last

  4. Tue Nov 14 19:43:33 2017
    F Friznit posted in Headless clients and Virtuality.

    HC will only deliver benefit for spawned AI. Effectively adding HC will enable you spawn more AI (or put it another way, the same amount as before but with less impact on server FPS). It's a good thing either way. Try it and see.

    You can theoretically use Eden's simulation manager at the same time but it's largely pointless. Simulation manager won't do anything to ALiVE Virtual Profiles, and if spawn range == enable simulation range then it'll add no benefit at all. You could set a very large ALiVE Spawn Range so you can see the AI at a long distance but have them disabled by sim manager to save on performance until players are a little closer. I've only rarely used that technique in big coop missions when I need players to see the enemy at a distance and server FPS is at a premium.

  5. Mon Nov 13 10:02:49 2017

    If it's actually script that needs to run on units when they spawn then you could take the same approach as the kit scripts on the ALiVE wiki

  6. Sat Nov 11 10:18:00 2017

    Not sure about the exclusion zone around enemy HQ - fairly certain it's not meant to do that but will have Tup look into it.

    You need C2ISTAR autotasks turned on (and in the next release, set to Strategic) for player Air Tasking Orders.

    'Secondary' Air Tasking Orders are generated from actual battlefield events based on support requests from the AI Ground Commander and include CAS, Strike, Recce and OCA. MACC assigns ATOs to AI pilots first then to players if no AI is available.

    We have just started implementing the same integrated tasking system for the AI Ground Commander as well, so in future you will have the option to choose Strategic tasks based on battlefield events or "Tactical Tasks" based on pre-made mini scenarios.

  7. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Nov 4 21:19:56 2017

    CQB module can spawn static weapons. You can set the probability in the module settings. Regular units depends on whether the faction has groups defined. If there is a mortar group for example, Placement modules will spawn them and VCOM will deploy and use them.

  8. Sat Nov 4 09:02:19 2017

    ALiVE doesn't change the low level AI. VCOM will use artillery just the same with ALiVE running as without. I've often had VCOM using my Combat Support mortars and other static weapons spawned by ALiVE.

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    Wed Nov 1 18:36:27 2017
    F Friznit posted in Player Combat Support.

    It's all on the wiki :)

  10. Wed Nov 1 18:16:17 2017

    I would suggest not running Exile and ALiVE together for starters.

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