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    Sat Sep 23 09:17:57 2017
    F Friznit posted in Hazey's Insurgency.

    Unfortunately Hazey's insurgency has all sorts of custom non-ALiVE stuff and as far as I know hasn't been updated in ages, so it's very unlikely we'll be able to help unless you can pin the issue down to something very specifically related to ALIVE.

  2. 4 days ago
    Tue Sep 19 19:06:15 2017
    F Friznit posted in Loop error after last update.

    Workshop all done

  3. Tue Sep 19 18:25:24 2017
    F Friznit posted in Loop error after last update.

    The feeling is mutual. Shall we date?

  4. Tue Sep 19 18:15:55 2017
    F Friznit posted in Loop error after last update.

    Already fixed. Pushing out an updated shortly.

  5. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Sep 9 08:41:47 2017
    F Friznit posted in Cherno not indexed?.

    It's indexed. It's loading the index. It works.

  6. Sat Sep 9 08:39:50 2017
    F Friznit posted in Schwemlitz Indexed?.



  7. Mon Sep 4 18:09:25 2017

    Place an empty heli
    In the unit init line, type this setvariable ["CS_TYPE","TRANSPORT"];
    Place a combat support module and sync to the heli
    Place a BIS Respawn Position module and sync to the heli

    Not actually tried it but should in theory respawn you in the heli.

  8. 5 weeks ago
    Fri Aug 18 14:20:35 2017

    This isn't something Alive can control. Zeus can be limited to side only afaik.

  9. Thu Aug 17 17:40:03 2017

    Even if there are no objectives in the blacklist area, are there any near the boundary? AI groups will spawn within the radius of an objective. With debug on, you'll see 2 numbers next to each objective like [25,500] - that's priority and size. So for a large objective such as a town with size 500, you could get patrol groups spawning up to 500m from the centre of the objective, which may in some cases mean they overlap into a "blacklisted" area.

  10. Thu Aug 17 13:18:22 2017

    If you turn debug on the Placement modules you can see where objectives are. If they're in the blacklisted area / outside the TAOR marker then there may be something up with the markers. Try moving them a bit, check the spelling and case of names etc. Oval markers sometimes act a bit weird

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