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    Tue Dec 5 20:37:57 2017
    O Opendome started the conversation ALiVE Performance.

    Hey everyone!

    I was wondering what are some tricks people do to help their missions run nice and smooth?

  2. Tue Dec 5 19:53:31 2017
    O Opendome started the conversation Suicide Bombers/Rogue Agents.


    Sort of an odd thing I just noticed, suicide bombers with vests will walk around but won't actually detonate them on us and I just had a rogue agent with a suicide vest run right at me, point his weapon at me point blank but did not engage me lol. Would this be because of the arma update?


  3. Sat Dec 2 21:43:27 2017
    O Opendome posted in Insurgent OPCOMs.

    For sure I just wanted to see if it was on my end or if others were experiencing it too. Is weird when I host on my own PC it seems to work but when its on the server no one gets the prompt.

  4. Sat Dec 2 09:47:52 2017
    O Opendome started the conversation Insurgent OPCOMs.

    Im not sure if its because of the latest arma update but I dont seem to be able to disable independent roadblocks, IED factories, recruiting HQs, camps, etc anymore on my dedicated server using the demo block/space bar interaction?

  5. Wed Nov 29 21:50:57 2017
    O Opendome started the conversation State of RHS.

    Hey everyone!

    Im just wondering what the current state of RHS is with ALiVE? Before I was getting some serious memory leaks and errors.

  6. Wed Nov 29 20:08:44 2017
    O Opendome started the conversation No Idea What the Problem Is.

    Hey everyone!

    Im having a rough time trying to figure out what the problem is. So using the exact same mods, hosting the same mission on my PC works/runs fine. No problems whatsoever. When I try and host it on the server though it seems that when units spawn in the client (but not the server) freezes for a second then crashes.


  7. Sat Nov 25 20:49:20 2017

    Think I might have the same problem

  8. Sat Nov 25 20:17:33 2017
    O Opendome started the conversation Veteran Mod.

    Has anyone used the veteran mod with ALiVE? To avoid the RHS errors and issues and something a little better than CUP stuff Im looking at the veteran mod. Does anyone have any experience with it and has anyone gotten any game breaking issues or problems with it? Thanks!

  9. Sat Nov 25 20:15:49 2017

    Just a heads up it looks like Isla Duala isnt on there either :P

  10. Wed Nov 22 09:26:08 2017

    I got it working locally with

    this setVariable ["R3F_LOG_disabled", true]; in the code field of the transport module which works when I host locally but when I put in on the dedicated server it doesn't work?

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