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    Thu Mar 15 23:59:16 2018
    Whigital posted in Problem using ACE IEDs.


  2. Tue Jan 9 16:23:35 2018

    Statics are, uhmm, static at the moment -> https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS/blob/master/addons/mil_cqb/fnc_CQB.sqf#L48

  3. Mon Jan 8 15:30:01 2018

    I would advice against twerking ALiVE, but we can try and update the staticData for the supported factions with more appropriate weapons:


  4. Wed Dec 20 08:44:07 2017

    @highhead, your old AI Dist. code ran every 10s + exec time -> https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS/blob/debfc4f9abcff4c369bcee5095d9175d0f0f0725/addons/main/fnc_AI_Distributor.sqf#L78

    New code is 60s + exec time. We could lower it, or add an opition with 60/45/30/15 sec. interval in the module or something.

  5. Wed Dec 20 08:29:40 2017

    Spawn HQ makes the module spawn a HQ, in addition to the specified custom composition entered into the module.

    The message only indicates that no suitable buildings found nearby to use as a HQ.

  6. Thu Dec 14 21:22:53 2017
    Whigital posted in Basic.cfg.

    Config for a 100/100 server, ran fine. I dont think ALiVE needs any extra tweaks a part from the normal ArmA dedicated parameters.

    class sockets
        maxPacketSize = 1452;
  7. Thu Dec 14 21:17:47 2017

    Not possible at to change module params via mission params im afraid.

  8. Thu Dec 14 21:15:32 2017
    Whigital posted in ALiVE Performance.

    Start them on different cores with the /affinity option to the start command:


    Had the server running on core 1 and 2, HC1 on 3, HC2 on 4. Core 0 and 5 left for OS etc. 6-core Xeon btw.

  9. Thu Dec 14 21:12:10 2017
    Whigital posted in 3rd Party IED system? (ACE).

    The 3rd-party checkbox is as far as i know just a placeholder for now. Normal ALiVE IEDs are configured to be detectable with a ACE minedetector, but disarming them is still just a normal interaction. Nothing is tied to ACE Explosives, yet. I will start tinkering with it and get the IEDs fully ACE compatible, soon™.

  10. Thu Nov 30 09:18:34 2017

    ALiVE_fnc_OPCOMToggleInstallations is the function you're looking for, check ALiVE_fnc_OPCOMdropIntel for how the Read Intel action is added to the dropped intel and the function is called. Both live in mil_opcom.

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