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  1. 4 years ago
    Fri Jan 17 17:19:30 2020

    Can you post the logs?

  2. Fri Jan 17 03:20:32 2020

    Nothing jumps out, but
    @BlastStandalone; is this blastcore,

    @aliveserver; should be loaded as a server mod,

    And a few mods are not compatible with the new release of ace, @ACEAdvCPR, @ACESplint; and if @kat is kept medical its also not compatible

    And personally I have had lag and memory leak issues when running the vcomai,

  3. Tue Jan 14 10:20:02 2020

    What does your startup command look like?

  4. Thu Dec 5 17:43:02 2019
    Y YonV posted in "Unsuccessful Search" .rpt.

    Can you post the log file?

  5. Thu Nov 28 20:11:11 2019

    Have you asked the host if they support alive? Or do they just give you the server and it's up to you to configure ?

    And have you checked to see if Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redistributable is installed

  6. Thu Oct 31 06:56:16 2019
    Y YonV posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    I have been running a combination of

    Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX )

    And LAMBs

  7. Wed Oct 30 22:14:24 2019
    Y YonV posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    VCOM has been a resource hog for a bit now,

  8. Mon Oct 14 22:30:06 2019

    I came across this issue, the simple solution I found was to delete the mod.cpp files, it seems some mod'ers like to fill the name= field with sentences, if there is no mod.cpp the data transmitted defaults to the folder name. With folder names the shorter the better.


  9. Sat Oct 5 17:59:10 2019
    Y YonV posted in AI no longer spawns..

    I'v had a similar issue, but it was after days of a persistent server, it seemed to us that one side had won, and the other had given up. Restarting the mission without a save, tended to fix the issue.

  10. Sat Oct 5 17:56:17 2019

    I had the opposite issue with the ambient wildlife, 1000's upon 1000's of goats they were a plague sweeping across the land.

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