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    Sun Oct 1 06:36:58 2017
    SCAR posted in ALiVE and UCM.

    I can give it a try but I'll need clear indications on which functions to use and how.

    To be specific:

    - how to ensure that virtual entities move to the area. I've already added the objective to the opcom, but i don't see anyone moving. Without this, I can't try anything.

    - how to trigger a custom code when virtual entities are in the area. In the callback I'd need to know how many they are, what kind, etc. (this one is probably the one in the code snippets)

    - how to kill some virtual entities.

    or alternatively to these three, which would be much quicker:

    - how to spawn virtual entities if they are in an area (my original question). It look I could use a custom version of fn_profileDespawner.sqf

    If I can get some support on this I can give it a try. :)

  2. Sat Sep 30 21:40:52 2017
    SCAR posted in ALiVE and UCM.

    This is a good idea, but what if mission makers add defense AI in the area too?

    BTW this can be added with all of the API of the UCM :)

    How would you go in setting triggers?

  3. Sat Sep 30 18:05:50 2017
    SCAR posted in ALiVE and UCM.

    That's really not up to me to say. The only thing I can think of is if the ALiVE virtual system were to start to consider spawned units too. I can't profile those because I don't want any OPCOM to move them. Also, because all of UCM is based on knowing the positions of its units (maybe this is easy to do)?

    I'm available for a discussion though, maybe there are other ways.

  4. Sat Sep 30 17:32:20 2017
    SCAR posted in ALiVE and UCM.

    Thank you @HeroesandvillainsOS.

    There already is a demo mission for UCM, available here .

    If you are referring to a complete UCM + ALiVE demo, that would basically be taking the UCM example and adding ALiVE to your liking :)

  5. Sat Sep 30 16:58:54 2017
    SCAR posted in ALiVE and UCM.

    UCM is now integrated with ALiVE, with some caveats. Here are the details of it.

    ALiVE objectives

    The Construction Area is automatically added as a Custom Objective to the hostile OPCOMs. This objective is also moved when the construction moves.

    ALiVE profiles

    The workers are not profiled by ALiVE Virtual_AI_System, and therefore they will not be attacked by profiled enemies when they are virtualized. This substantially means that at least one player needs to be next to the workers, which will cause ALiVE profiled enemies to be spawned on the map and hence attack the workers.

    ALiVE Persistence

    Whan ALiVE saves its data, it will trigger an endMission. UCM listens for that event and automatically uses its Persistent Module to save its data. Therefore, if you want UCM data to be also saved when you save ALiVE, the only thing you have to do is to drop the UCM Persistent Module in your mission.

    Note that UCM data will be saved locally, regardless of the ALiVE Data setting.

    Will be releasing after proper alpha testing. Code here .

  6. Sat Sep 30 16:57:03 2017
    SCAR posted in Get/Save data from cloud.

    Thank you @Friznit. I've decided to build UCM's own persistent module. Will be keeping an eye on this in the future, let me know if you'd like to take this further.


  7. Fri Sep 29 12:57:41 2017
    SCAR posted in Get/Save data from cloud.

    Can we just have a stupid simple sample mission with NOTHING but a custom variable being read on init of a mission and set on endMission?

    We get things like this all of the time:

    14:43:25 ALiVE Extension (ALiVEPlugIn) Error: ['{"error":"not_found","reason":"missing"}
    '] CMD: SendJSON ['GET','sys_data/dictionary_2RGTIncursori_alive_store_test','']

    Bad configuration? Servers down? Has this anything to do with what I am experiencing?
    Any inputs welcome.


  8. Fri Sep 29 12:28:50 2017
    SCAR posted in Get/Save data from cloud.

    There you go:

    14:25:26 DUMP of alive_mission_data on end any
    14:25:26 Error in expression <UMP of alive_mission_data on start %1", alive_mission_data];
    private _aliveKey >
    14:25:26   Error position: <alive_mission_data];
    private _aliveKey >
    14:25:26   Error Undefined variable in expression: alive_mission_data

    ...or is it namespaced somewhere in particular?

    BTW re-tried everything again today. First time saving on a NEW mission, it works. Second time, never. Does anyone know eventually an alternative persistent system compatible with ALiVE?

  9. Fri Sep 29 09:13:17 2017
    SCAR posted in Get/Save data from cloud.

    @marceldev89 I can give that a try, not sure what help it would do?

    Unfortunately I've disabled ALiVE support for now. Hopefully we can solve this.

  10. Thu Sep 28 11:46:05 2017
    SCAR posted in Get/Save data from cloud.

    Any pointers for me, or do I just have to give up ALiVE persistence and integration...?

    Thank you,

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