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    Tue Jan 9 11:38:50 2018
    SCAR posted in Spawning ALiVE units.

    Ok none of those options work. Unless someone can allow ALiVE to integrate easily I will have to abandon or hack into it.

  2. Mon Jan 8 15:09:15 2018
    SCAR posted in Spawning ALiVE units.

    I might combine the two suggestions, create a HeadlessClient_F and then hc connectTerminalToUAV uav1 but haven't tried it yet, I doubt that it'd work. Will give it a go :)

  3. Mon Jan 8 15:07:05 2018
    SCAR posted in Spawning ALiVE units.

    I thought about that, but unfortunately as you say the vehicle needs to be connected to a player ... I wouldn't know how to do that without actually affecting a player's playability...

  4. Fri Jan 5 19:26:27 2018
    SCAR posted in Spawning ALiVE units.

    Thank you @HeroesandvillainsOS. I already use custom objectives, those don’t do much unless there are players around it.

    I have already investigated the code, and unfortunately the profileSpawner and the profileDespawner both do not allow much for integration. Even if I were to write my own spawner / despawner, it would interfere with those two. I do have a solution for this but it would require a "hacky" approach that I want to leave as a last resort.

    Instead, I have a little idea that I need to try out. Both of them rely on anyPlayersInRange to decide whether to spawn / despawn units, which calls allPlayers . The interesting thing about that is that allPlayers returns not only players but also all connected Headless Clients. I am hoping to manage somewhat to create a HeadlessClient_F in the construction area that arma thinks is connected which, in turn, would make ALiVE spawn units.

    It's a long shot though because I don’t think this achievable, and even if it works, it would only do so in multiplayer. Any other ideas welcome.

  5. Thu Jan 4 20:39:51 2018

    Thank you for doing this. You might get more attention here :)

  6. Thu Jan 4 20:37:56 2018
    SCAR started the conversation Spawning ALiVE units.


    Still in the optic of a proper integration with UCM , is there a way to force the spawning of virtualized units if in a specific area?

    That would allow me to finalize a proper integration :)


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    Thu Oct 5 13:39:28 2017
    SCAR posted in Get/Save data from cloud.

    This is now live.


  8. Sun Oct 1 20:08:06 2017
    SCAR posted in ALiVE and UCM.

    Thank you @JD_Wang that was the one I was referring to :)

  9. Sun Oct 1 12:29:09 2017
    SCAR posted in Get/Save data from cloud.

    It doesn't look like endGame is triggered on a dedicated server when you use SERVER SAVE AND EXIT (Admin Only).

    Anyway, I've hacked into the ALiVE pause interface and added a callback to save UCM too when the SAVE button is clicked, so that I don't need a callback. Also, I've made it clear in the menu that UCM is supported:


    This is the best I could do to integrate saves. Hope it's ok with @Tupolov and @Friznit. If it's an issue WHATSOEVER, please let me know and I'll remove the textual reference, no issues. I'll have to keep the save callback to make it work with ALiVE though...

    Code is here .

  10. Sun Oct 1 11:29:29 2017
    SCAR posted in Get/Save data from cloud.

    Can I ask if there is a callback when ALiVE saves data? I was using endMission but you have disabled it when running on dedicated servers:

    So I don't know what to listen to...

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