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    Fri Nov 24 13:49:15 2017
    W webbie posted in fnc_ATO.sqf error.

    ok thx for letting us know :)

  2. Wed Nov 22 08:26:18 2017
    W webbie started the conversation fnc_ATO.sqf error.

    Hi is anyone able to tell me what this error may stem from? Ive tried a few different things as Im assuming its related to the Enemy Air commander? Ive repositioned the module etc but till nil effect. Th rpt hhas no major errors except this one which just repeats.
    Any help appreciated thank you.

    19:21:40 Error in expression <n {
    _opAssets pushback _x;
    } foreach _airspaceAssets;

    if (_debug) then {
    19:21:40 Error position: <_airspaceAssets;

    if (_debug) then {
    19:21:40 Error Undefined variable in expression: _airspaceassets
    19:21:40 File \x\alive\addons\mil_ato\fnc_ATO.sqf [ALiVE_fnc_ATO], line 5052

  3. Wed Nov 15 08:47:24 2017
    W webbie started the conversation Player Tags disable Enemy.

    Hi all,
    Is their a way to disable the enemy tags when player tags are turned on. The tags system is priceless but seeing the enemy not so much. Surely theirs a way to disable it that I've overlooked, thx in advance.

  4. Mon Nov 13 10:58:51 2017
    W webbie posted in Tasks and Persistence Q's.

    ok thank you, yeah persistence is working now. The tasks are stalling still unless I dis\enable them. I will do a report thx for your help

  5. Sun Nov 12 05:02:15 2017
    W webbie started the conversation Tasks and Persistence Q's.

    Hi all,
    Im very very new to Alive however not new to Arma mission making and scripting.
    Everything is working fine but I just have a couple of small issues with task generation and persistence.
    Any help is appreciated.

    1. Im finding tasks generating within my blacklist area. I do have the TAOR for enemy set to whole map but is their a way to blacklist tasks from that area?

    2. Tasks run for a fair period of time but after a while stop generating unless I disable and reenable auto task.

    3. Is it the norm to have auto restarts for persistence or is their another method that is used as restarting seems to restarting the whole mission over


  6. Sun Nov 12 04:54:38 2017
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